The best way I know to see what’s trending in furniture trends is ICFF, in New York City. I had the opportunity to be a part of New York Cities, NYC X DESIGN, a gathering of the design world. Every year from May 10 through the 21st a mingling of architects, graphic designers, fashion-world entrepreneurs, and furniture craftsmen is brought together through exhibitions, panel discussions, installations, and studio sessions.

Part of this collaboration is the International Contemporary Furniture Fair where I participated in ICFF Talks with my fellow K+B Insiders. Our panel discussion was, Designing for the Modern Lifestyle: The Intersection of Technology and Design in the Kitchen & Bath.

ICFF talks - furniture trends 2016.

Photo Credits – Megan Swann for Editor at Large

I was also a trendspotter for the NKBA and there was plenty to view and report on the latest furniture trends for 2016.

Furniture Trends

Green and gold seem to be the “it” colors for furniture trends in 2016. This green mid-century couch caught my eye. The legs were done in a satin gold finish putting the finishing touch that made this sofa simply sexy!


I love glass and it is one of my go-to materials for my clients. You can see the green tint which is replacing the blue tint that has been popular with glass for the last 5 years. The green and gold together are a beautiful combination. I think I would also love this base with the blue-tinted glass too.

Furniture trends at ICFF - glass coffee table.

Lighting Trends

Lighting is one of my specialties, so I was not disappointed when I skipped through the show amazed at how much of it was featured. I offer lighting design as a service because it is a necessary ingredient to a well-executive design project. Decorative lighting is just that, it’s decorative, it shines and it is a powerful design element to any room and you want to get it right. I want to introduce you to some of my favorites at this year’s ICFF show.

These sconces are so beautiful in a teardrop-shaped globe. The white ones put out a lot of light and would be a good choice for cross-lighting at a vanity.

Furniture trends in lighting for 2016.

This product by aLUZejos lamps & wallpaper really would add personality to any room. Designed by Silvia Massa Studio, they are so unique offering a Mediterranea style with a retro vibe. You can match lamps to wallpaper and have a huge selection to choose from.

Furniture trends in decorative lighting that is custom.

Photo Credits – Megan Swann for Editor at Large

Furniture Trends in decorative lighting, made with Plexiglas.

More aha moments…

Furniture trends - metal lighting fixtures.

Furniture trends - contemporary lighting

Decorative Plumbing Trends

What’s trending in decorative plumbing fixtures is the number of choices one can pick from. As a designer, it is music to my ears. I never like being put in a box when it comes to finished selections because I tend to step away from the trend.

Furniture trends - decorative plumbing fixtures 2016 ICFF.

Topologies founders Aric Wanveer, a metal artist and Tim McFadden a master glass blower brought their crafts together to create these masterpieces in decorative fixtures. Each one is custom made to order and takes 4 to 6 week to get. If you think they would be fragile you would be wrong. I watched a video of a semi-truck running back and forth over one and it came out unscathed.

 trends at ICFF - decorative plumbing fixtures.


Handcrafted pieces always draw me in. The simplistic design and the exotic wood used to make this amazing piece is simply beautiful. These artisans create furniture trends for 2016 and beyond.

Furniture trends from ICFF.

Designed by Richard W. Townsend

I love the beauty of natural wood and have seen a lot of it featured in furniture trends of late. I stopped to talk to Ben Rioux, the creator of this magnificent tabletop. Ben is the founder/craftsman of, From Chef To Table, Inc. He told me he salvaged the material for this table from a tree in Bali that had been struck by lightning. Out of what he salvaged he has made three huge table tops.

Furniture trends - artisan designs ICFF.


ICFF is one of my top show destinations for finding out what furniture trends are happening. It is important as a designer to keep my finger on the pulse and traveling plays a big role in that. I find inspiration wherever I go and apply it to my latest designs. I hope my search for furniture trends has inspired you to create a fresh new space!

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