I am a designer who really values good lighting and knows how important it is to have a well-designed lighting plan. I think it takes a layered lighting plan to get the best results and that certainly includes decorative lighting. Decorative lighting should not only add light to the room, it should also compliment the style of the room. I like to refer to decorative lighting as the bling in the design!

Bigger Seems Better in Decorative Lighting

One of my favorites for decorative lighting is The Urban Electric Company. I can always count on them to find just the right look I am needing, like these cube chandeliers that match my custom-made dining chair backs.

Dining Room Lighting

Large decorative lighting by Urban Electric and designer Patricia Davis Brown Designs.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Hanging pendants use to be slim and sleek, but lately decorative pendants have become much bigger in scale. This kitchen was a large, so it needed a bold statement at the glass island seating area. The large nautical pendants were the perfect choice for scale and style.

Large decorative pendants over kitchen island by Urban Electric and design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs.

Bedroom Lighting

I really dig the look of a large pendant over a nightstand. Framing your bed with decorative hanging light fixtures really makes a statement. You will want to give a lot of thought about the style you are wanting to project because it will make a big impact on your design.

Vanity Lighting

The lighting designer in me gets a little critical about lighting a vanity correctly because it’s a room where we do a lot of task activities that good lighting is a necessary for. With decorative lighting, if there is enough light output, it could be a good choice to use as task lighting. Decorative lighting paired with the proper recessed can lighting will work great. The side lighting will need to shine light horizontally across your face to eliminate any shadows caused by the down lights. You do not want to have one without the other or the lighting will be unbalanced and simply inefficient.

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