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Fascinating Lighting Designs Add a Wow Factor

The focal point of a room can stem from a number of objects. Today, we are looking at odd lighting designs that draw interest and attention into a room. From the way the light refracts off the walls, to the design of the fixture itself, lighting plays an important role in your decor.

Take a look at the following fantastic lighting fixtures that can add a whole new dimension to your design.

Buckle Light

Vanessa Cullen from Forward Thinking Design shared her use of an odd, yet fascinating fixture that she used in her design plan with us.

We used the ‘Buckle’ Light by Tina Leung for Satelight because we felt it was cutting edge, contemporary, fun and would make a strong statement in this city hair salon. It certainly does catch the eye of passers by!



Andromed, by Yamagiwa plays with the light of a room creating an abstract design on the walls around you.

The light that is emitted from its LED clusters is reflected back into itself via mirrors orientated to maximise their output and to freely distribute a very pure light.


Infiore Pendant Light

The Infiore Pendant Light by YLighting brings a burst of color that will attract the eye as soon as you enter the room.

Born from the desire to create big objects out of small modules. Infiore is figurative and synthetic at the same time — the expression of a free spirit that leaves nothing to chance.


Cloud Round Chandelier

The Cloud Round Chandelier, also by YLighting combines art, sculpture, and light together to produce a magnificent centerpiece to any room.

A collection of hand-blown glass “clouds” are suspended from the ceiling and illuminated by three halogen light sources – this results in a stunning and magical chandelier that is unlike any other.


Make the best use of the space on your ceiling by incorporating interesting lighting designs into your room.  Consider how you want to see the light distributed and let yourself be creative and inspired by the many odd, yet fascinating options available.

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