Pool Contractor - 5 Things to consider when hiring a pool contractor.

Swimming pools are a great source of enjoyment for your family and friends and who wouldn’t want one in their own backyard? Lee and I love entertaining guests around our pool and there is a great enjoyment out of just hanging out in your pool floating and relaxing. It is also a wonderful way to exercise to keep in shape.

There are lots of benefits to having a pool and if you are thinking of getting a pool constructed at your house, you should know this; you have to choose your pool contractor with extreme care and research the subject well. Another thing to keep in mind in this regard is safety. Pool fencing brisbane is one of the important safety features you need to have installed so that children and animals are well protected around the pool.

Tips to Hiring a Pool Contractor

Pool Contractor - 5 Things to consider when hiring a pool contractor.

Choosing the right swimming pool contractor is imperative and there are things that you should keep in mind when searching for one. Here are 5 things you should know before choosing a swimming pool contractor.

Licensed & Insured

Make sure that the contractor you are working with is licensed and insured. A swimming pool is not an easy thing to design and construct, it takes precision and it is this reason why every state government has certain requirements a pool contractor must meet in order to be a licensed contractor in this field.

Detailed Contract with a Set of Plans

Make sure all your requirements are in a contract form, including a design plan. Your plan is part of your contract and it puts everyone on the same page. Besides the construction points, there needs to be a written warranty and pricing.

Get 3 Estimates

Interview more than one pool contractor. You want to be able to look at more than one estimate and if there is a big discrepancy in any of the pricing you need to look closely and make sure everyone is bidding the project apples to apples. Make sure you have a good feeling about the person you are considering working with because you will need to be able to communicate well with each other throughout the project.

Take Your Time

Don’t rush into a decision when choosing a pool contractor, take your time. Give yourself enough time to do the research on the person you are considering for the job.

Check References

Get references! The best thing which will allow you to judge a person’s capability is having a look at their previous work. Get at least 3 referrals and contact them to discuss how their project went and if they were happy with the work.

Pool Contractor - Important reasons for hiring the right pool contractor.

Pools are great and can give your family lots of enjoyment for many years. Remember to do your research for the best possible outcome.

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  1. Kyle Winters
    Kyle Winters says:

    Considering how big of an investment adding a pool to your house is, you really want to take the article’s advice and take your time when choosing a contractor. After all, you want to make sure that they have the skill and experience to create the pool you’ve always wanted. You also want to make sure you’re working with a legitimate contractor that will provide you with a written estimate and a time frame for when the pool will be done.

    • Patricia Davis Brown
      Patricia Davis Brown says:

      Hi Kyle,
      I couldn’t agree more. When my husband and I remodeled our home the pool area was a big investment and we wanted it done right. I was shocked when I received some proposals that lacked the fine details that we needed to see in the contract before we would consider using them. The person that offered the most professional contract was licensed and insured, along with references was who we hired. Because we took our time and hired the right person we have had many years of enjoying our pool.

  2. Ernest London
    Ernest London says:

    I like that you mentioned to make sure a pool contractor has adequate insurance to cover any accidents. That way, you know you are covered no matter what. We are trying to find a contractor to help us put a pool in, so we will definitely keep this in mind.

  3. Rachel Lannister
    Rachel Lannister says:

    I loved what you said about getting a detailed contract with the pool contractor and making sure you have all the things you want them to do written down. My father has a rather old pool and needs some maintenance and work done on it to get it up and running properly. Since there is a lot of work to be done, a detailed contract could help things to go smoother and ensure the pool gets in proper shape again.

  4. Ernest London
    Ernest London says:

    I like that you mentioned to check references from a pool contractor. That way, you can hear from real customers whether or not the contractor lived up to their standards. I am trying to find somebody to help me remodel my pool, and I want to choose the best. I will keep this in mind as I search, thanks for sharing.

  5. Ashley Maxwell
    Ashley Maxwell says:

    Thanks for your post about how you should look for a pool contractor that is insured and licensed. I also like how you said that they should give you an estimate. My husband and I are looking into a good contractor do some maintenance on our pool.

  6. Ashley Turns
    Ashley Turns says:

    My husband and I are in need of a contractor to help us repair our swimming pool. So thanks for advising that we make sure the contractor we hire is properly licensed and insured so that you can be sure they meet government requirements. We will definitely have to find a swimming pool repair company who has the proper license and insurance.

  7. Ellie Davis
    Ellie Davis says:

    Thank you for recommending that you should get three estimates. My husband is wanting to add a pool to our backyard this summer. I’ll have to look into contractors to help us get the best pool possible.

  8. Ellie Davis
    Ellie Davis says:

    I liked that you mentioned you need to take your time to find the best pool contractor for your project. My husband and I are thinking about building a pool in our house, and we are looking for advice. I will call a couple of pool contractors to have my options open.

  9. Ellie Davis
    Ellie Davis says:

    My wife and I have been thinking about building a pool in our backyard to have it ready for the summer. It’s interesting to know that it is recommended to consider hiring a contractor that has proper insurance and license. I will make sure to follow your recommendations to build the perfect pool for our summer months.

  10. Ellie Davis
    Ellie Davis says:

    It’s interesting to know that it is recommended to find a pool contractor with proper insurance since they accomplish the government requirements to work in your project. My husband and I moved to our new house, and we are looking for advice about installing a pool, and we are looking for advice. I will let him know about your recommendations to choose the right pool contractor to help us.

  11. Thomas Clarence
    Thomas Clarence says:

    It was really helpful when you mentioned that every state has requirements that a pool contractor must meet in order to work in their field. I am trying to find a pool contractor that can help repair the pump and filter of my pool that broke earlier this year. I will have to contact my local government officials and see what the requirements of being a contractor in this industry are.

  12. Levi Armstrong
    Levi Armstrong says:

    I agree with what you said that I should check the references of the pool contractor before hiring them to look at their previous works. My husband and I plan on having our fifteen-year-old swimming pool remodeled soon. We would need to find an experience and skilled pool contractor, so thanks for the tips!


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