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Choosing The Right Architect For Your Project

Choosing the right architect doesn't have to be difficult. Here are 6 different types of architects to help you make the right decision.
How to Choose the Best Interior Designer

How to Choose the Best Interior Designer for Your Project

It's a beautiful thing to be able to hire an interior designer who listens to your design desires, then, makes your dreams come true. Of course, finding the best interior designer for your home involves knowing just a few tactics. Surprisingly,…
Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer for Your Dream Home

4 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer for Your Dream Home

Everyone dreams of experiencing the luxury of living in a dream home. But, few of us realize the importance of the role of the interior designer for your dream home. However, an interior designer is educated and trained to make your dreams…
Advancing Your Design Career

Advancing Your Design Career: 3 Skills for Success

Humans are creative beings. Someone has created pretty much everything around you: all the technology you use, your house, even the clothes you’re wearing. Humans have made everything from cave paintings to the Mona Lisa, from Beethoven’s…
Monogram Appliances, Designer Summit 2017

Monogram Appliances, Designer Summit 2017 Taught Us Empathy

I just got back from a fabulous event, The Designer Summit put on by Monogram Appliances. This was not just a trip to learn about the latest and the greatest from Monogram Appliances, it was a gathering of 80 top designers and architects from…
What Does Continuing Education Do?

Continuing Your Education As A Professional Makes You The BEST at What You Do!

Professional development has always been important to me and I attribute it to the professional that I have become. Opening my design showroom when I was 29 was a huge and scary step. I could have never done it without the confidence I had…

4 Ways To Promote Your Company’s Name

Like many of you out there I was born in the 60's, making the invention of the internet like learning a new language. As a business owner, to compete in our fast paced world, I had to get with the program. In 2010 I decided to take my brand…
5 Simple Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

5 Simple Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Interior decorating doesn't need to be a hugely expensive and drawn out process. Here are some simple tips to help spruce up your home on a budget. 1. Use your own photos to decorate your walls. This is a cheap and simple way to…