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5 Simple Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Interior decorating doesn’t need to be a hugely expensive and drawn out process. Here are some simple tips to help spruce up your home on a budget.

1. Use your own photos to decorate your walls.

This is a cheap and simple way to create a completely unique image landscape. If you’re technology-savvy, you can change your photographs to make them appear even more like graphics. There are also companies that can blow up your images into full sized wallpaper.


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2. Create a color theme across the whole room.

When redesigning a space, having a particular color scheme helps make the area more cohesive. Clashing colors often causes an uncomfortable sensation, and having a flat, mundane palette is going to do the same. Use both neutral and bold colors, and incorporate them together to produce a more striking effect.


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3. Integrate mirrors to make the room appear bigger and brighter.

This is a great trick used by experienced interior designers to help make small rooms appear as though they have more space. Mirrors create the illusion of expansiveness by hiding the constrictive walls lines. They also reflect light which helps make the room appear brighter.


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4. Freshen the room with a lick of paint.

Repainting a room can go a very long way to creating a new look for your home. You can get quite creative with your painting approach and try some different techniques such as stenciling or sponging.

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5. Use colored lights to change the mood of the room.

There are many innovative and affordable lighting products available that can make your room change to any color you like. One effective method is to install LED strip lighting around different features in your room and control the colors using a smartphone app.

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Your only limit is your imagination when decorating your home! Get creative and you will be amazed at the effects you can incorporate to make every room a little extra special.

Dean Brosnan is the Director at “Lighcore Lighting”


About The Author: Dean Brosnan is an LED lighting consultant and entrepreneur based in Brisbane, Australia.  He has a passion for modern and considered lighting design. His business Lighcore Lighting specializes exclusively in the supplying and design of the highest grade LED lighting products.

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