Like many of you out there I was born in the 60’s, making the invention of the internet like learning a new language. As a business owner, to compete in our fast paced world, I had to get with the program. In 2010 I decided to take my brand national by creating a network of interior design services. As the owner of an interior design firm, Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC., I decided to turn to the internet and expand my audience. is my virtual design company where I can work with people anywhere in the world on their room designs through the use of Skype and computer. I took it further by developing an online store,, an eCommerce site featuring my picks of home furnishings for the home, with a big focus on clean living. My blog is my favorite creation,  giving me a voice in the universe about ALL the things that inspire me, the designer.

Since shoppers are able to purchase products and services anywhere in the world through the internet, the companies consumers can choose from seem endless. To be one of the businesses people think of when needing products in your niche, they have to know who you are. This makes simply getting your name out there an important part of being considered to provide a service. Here are three ways to promote your name and business.

4 Ways To Promote Your Company's Name

Promotional Items

There is a lot of marketing potential in tote bags even if customers already have some totes. People use these bags for carryalls or when grocery shopping and often have more than one in rotation. These bags are inexpensive with bulk rates and allow more people to become familiar with a company name, logo or slogan.


You cannot control what people say about you online, but you might be able to shape how customers view your business. Scanning the review sections where your company is listed lets you know if bad customer feedback is influencing others, and you could turn bad reviews into a great opportunity. While people are more likely to remember a bad comment than a good one, they also remember if an unsatisfied customer becomes pleased. Reaching out to those who are unhappy with their service and taking the time to apologize or make a situation better does resonate with customers and others when they come across your name and see that your company respects customers and listens to their feedback. I relish feedback from my customers and strive to give great service with my online home store.


Every time your product interacts with a customer is a chance to leave an impression. This means it is important that your item reflects well on the business, and this is done by the quality and value your item provides. Your brand leaves an impression because of the way an item is packaged and delivered. This means anything you use to deliver items becomes a chance to strengthen your image in one’s mind. Everything from a box, wrapping paper or company card should match the store’s colors and personality. This is why businesses like Continental Tape Printers offer custom printed packaging tape as even little details become an opportunity to promote a company.


If you are a service company, such as an interior design firm, it is always nice to say thank you to your client for selecting your firm for their project. I like to do this with a nice bottle of wine, custom labeled with my design firm’s name.

Leaving an impression in people’s minds is crucial to building your brand and making shoppers familiar with your business, so use these tips to make potential customers aware of your company’s name.

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About the Author: Patricia Davis Brown

Patricia, like her blog, is not a one-dimensional designer, which is evident in her accolades of 17 national design awards. Over a 38-year career in the industry, she has carved a niche in several areas of design. Licensed in interior design and certified in kitchen and bath design, she offers a full menu of design services ranging from whole house interior design, kitchen and bath design, lighting design, full remodels, commercial design and universal (ADA) design. Patricia is a sought-after speaker in the industry and has been published in many publications as seen on her interior design firm’s website, She writes for such publications as QuinStreetinc, Relaxed Remodeler, and talent offering design tips.