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metal garage

Things to Consider When Building a Metal Garage

A metal garage can provide you with a much-needed space to store your cars, tools, and other belongings while adding value to your property.
garage conversion

Practical Spaces from a Garage Conversion

As your family grows, you may need to add more living space to your home. A great way to do this is from a garage conversion project.
Repair of Garage Doors - main holding inside garage door handle.

Repair Of Garage Doors: Secrets And Tips

If your garage door is making strange noises, continue reading to learn some great tips about the repair of garage doors.
5 Common Garage Door Scams You Should Know

5 Common Garage Door Scams You Should Know

We invite you to continue reading to learn about five common garage door scams to look out for to avoid falling victim to these frauds.
How to Give Your Home a Fantastic Makeover

How to Give Your Home a Fantastic Makeover

Installing new garage doors gives your home a fantastic makeover. We invite you to learn a few things about selecting the right garage door.
5 Excellent Approaches to the Art of Garage Design

The Underappreciated Art of Garage Design

Let’s take a look at a few garage design tips to help you to make the most out of your space and also gain a new appreciation for the art of garage design.
Garage Floor Sweats

Why the Garage Floor Sweats & 5 Ways To Stop It

You might often see the garage floor getting wet and slippery. Today we explore the reasons why the garage floor sweats, and how you can prevent it.
4 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Design Matters

Why Your Garage Door Design Is Also Important

Many homeowners install garage doors because of safety reasons. However, garage doors are not only for adding an extra layer of security in houses. For instance, homeowners who wish to sell their properties must realize that the garage…
Myths & Misconceptions About Garage Doors

Explained: Common Myths & Misconceptions About Garage Doors Busted

There's no doubt that with technological advancements of garage doors, the information is indeed overwhelming and there's not enough time to fact check everything. The problem is that with such a variety of information at our disposal, there…
Should you replace your garage door over the winter

Should You Replace Your Garage Door Over the Winter?

Do you have to wait until the spring to replace your garage door? Absolutely not. For instance, a trained garage door technician will install a new door or opener over the winter months, as long as you’re not dealing with a gale-force blizzard…
3 Fast & Easy Ways for Efficient Garage Organization

3 Fast & Easy Ways for Efficient Garage Organization

Has your garage organization gone by the wayside? If so, you're going to need some good tips to get it back in line. After all, this is the space in most homes where your unwanted or items of low importance get thrown, hopefully, to be organized…
Garage Floor and Organization

Garage Floors and Organization; Get Yours in Shape

Your garage floor needs maintenance too, just like the rest of your home. There is nothing more unsightly than a garage floor that is badly in need of repair. How long has it been since you were happy to open your garage door? If you avoid…