It’s sad to say, but scams are still on the rise in today’s world. Are you aware that 56% of respondents in a fraud survey experienced fraud in the last 24 months alone? Unfortunately, the garage door industry is not exempted from this vice. In fact, there are actually common garage door scams that are prevalent in many geographical locations.

Of course, there are also legitimate companies operating in the industry. However, many scammers also make it a point to extort homeowners who are ignorant about Garage Doors.

To that end, in this article, we invite you to continue reading to learn about five common garage door scams to look out for to avoid falling victim to these frauds.

Be Aware Of These Five Common Garage Door Scams

5 Common Garage Door Scams You Should Know

1. The hardware overhaul.

Imagine that a garage door company checks your door and says you need to change the whole installment when the problem is one small malfunctioning part. In fact, slight adjustments should do the trick. Moreover, it shouldn’t take long to fix and shouldn’t cost more than $75. But, victims of this scam pay up to $400 for simple alignment problems.

Therefore, it’s important to only use reliable and certified professionals when you need a garage door repair. By doing so you save money instead of paying ballooned prices.

2. The anonymous technician.

Many shady garage door companies pose as in-house companies, but they subcontract uncertified contractors to fix your garage door with which you have no communication.

Subcontracts are commonplace in the construction industry. For example, when you pay a company for a pool, they subcontract third parties to do the job. Then, one company brings the machinery, another lays the foundations, and yet another does the finishing touches.

So, always ensure that you have information on the repair company that works on the garage door. Also, never assume the repair person is from the company you contacted.

3. The too-sweet lifetime guarantee.

Some companies promise lifetime guarantees for your garage doors and parts. These deals sound great but in reality, they’re extorting you. So, when you look closer at the policy guarantee, you see that only the equipment and parts are guaranteed; their services aren’t.

What these scammers do is install inferior components for your garage with a lifetime guarantee. Inevitably, your garage door breaks down, and since you have a lifetime guarantee with the company, they’ll return to fix it. But, guess what? They will yet again install inferior parts, which will break down again.

Unfortunately, their servicing fees aren’t covered by the lifetime guarantee. Now, what do they gain? More importantly, what do you lose?

4. The company masquerades.

Some scammers pretend to work for reputable companies so that you sign their contracts. To do this, they hide behind fake websites, business cards, paperwork, and even apparel to make you think they’re from a reputable repair company.

Thankfully, you can easily root them out by researching the company you want to deal with. Are they reputable online? Are they certified, and under what organization? Look for legitimacy!

5. The cheap service calls.

The victims of this scam are typically those who need a quick repair job for their garage doors. You find a google listing for a quick repair company with a meager service price. So, you call, and they say they are available to solve your issue.

After the work, however, the repair person asks for more than the price listed on the website. Then, they tell you they have new fees and haven’t updated their website quotes. You can avoid this scam by always getting an estimate in writing and a signed contract before any repairs take place on your property.

In conclusion.

Most people fall for garage door scams because they are unaware of how their garages work or are desperate to fix their garage doors. An excellent way to avoid these scams is to look out for red flags like companies claiming to be affiliated with reputable companies, lifetime guarantees, too low or too high prices, and unidentified technicians. If you have any questions or suggestions, we always love to hear from you in the comments below. Also below are links to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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