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How To Prepare For An Open House

When you prepare for an open house you want to present your house to sell. Check out these ideas to help you encourage the buyers!
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7 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

If you are looking to relocate, check out these 7 tips to increase your home's resale value to get the most out of your home.
3 Must-Have Interior Fixtures For Your Home

3 Must-Have Interior Fixtures For Your Home

Interior fixtures are special decor items that you can easily install in your home. Read now to learn about three stylish interior fixtures.
Modern Chandeliers

3 Exciting Modern Chandeliers for Your Home

Modern chandeliers come in a humongous array of shapes and sizes and they don't even closely resemble our grandmother's chandeliers. The traditional crystal chandeliers of the past hold a place in our hearts forever but modern design is very…
Simple Home Improvement Fixes

4 Simple Home Improvement Fixes to Sell Your House Faster

Home improvements to sell a house are less daunting than you might think. Here are 4 simple home improvement tips that can be done to give your home the appeal necessary to get it sold quickly. Now is not the time to do a major remodeling…
Transform Someone Else's Home Into Your Own

Turning Someone Else’s Home Into Yours Without Breaking The Bank

One of the hardest things about moving into a new home is that strange period in which your new place doesn’t quite feel like home yet. If fact, it will continue to feel like someone else's home until you put yourself into it with a new design.…
Legrand & Hubbardton Forge Collaboration
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Legrand & Hubbardton Forge Collaboration for Seamless Design

I am an Interior Designer who knows the importance of proper lighting. I want to make sure all of my designs are viewed in the best light. I have studied lighting design for many years and I am always searching for companies that develop the…
Lighting Every Room In Your Home Beautifully

Lighting Every Room In Your Home Beautifully

Every family wants to have lighting in their home that is attractive, but choosing lighting can be difficult if you're not sure what to be calculating and planning for. Fixtures often do not match the furniture in the room, and the lights can…
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Laurie Smith Shines On

Tina and I attended the No. Chapter ASID meeting in Jacksonville, held at Avenues Lighting. Here are all the wonderful things from Laurie Smith shines on.