One of the hardest things about moving into a new home is that strange period in which your new place doesn’t quite feel like home yet. If fact, it will continue to feel like someone else’s home until you put yourself into it with a new design. If interior design is one of your favorite things and greatest interests then it’s almost painful to live in a house with someone else’s designs. Luckily, there are ways to make it feel like your own quickly without spending all your money immediately on renovations.

5 Ways to Transform Someone Else’s Home Into Your Own Special Space

5 Ways to Transform Someone Else's Home Into Your Own Special Space

Get It Neutral

If your new house is resolutely decorated in someone else’s style with bright colors, paint it all white, cream or pale gray. That might not sound like it makes for the most exciting house, but it will provide you with a blank canvas that you can then paint on. Neutral colors can be boring, but they’re also extremely inoffensive and are unlikely to annoy you the way that someone else’s quirky décor would.

Unpack Quickly

It’s impossible for your house to feel like your home if it’s still full of packing boxes and scattered with random possessions – even if you used a company like Movers it won’t be quite perfect. Make sure that you sort things out quickly, that you put your clothes away, you put your books onto shelves, you set up your kids’ rooms as fast as you can. Not only will you feel happier and settled once that’s done, but it’ll also be considerably easier for you to see the space that you’re dealing with so you can decide what you then want to do next.

Add Personal Touches

If you have any favorite pieces such as statues, art, mementos, or quirky furnishings then get them out immediately. Don’t bother saving them until the rest of the room is completed. You should be trying to enjoy your things instead of hiding them away – and seeing your favorite items around you will help your new place feel like home in no time. Seeing them out will also help to inspire you when you start decorating.

Take Your Time With Big Decisions

Make sure that you don’t make any huge changes too quickly. Unpack your things and really consider what you need to do, and how you should prioritize that. No matter how desperate you are for a new kitchen, if your bathroom plumbing isn’t great, then of course, you should focus on that first. Go for essential changes rather than cosmetic initially, and then you’ll be able to decorate your house slowly and at your own pace so you can keep it financially feasible.

Create A New Home

It’s tempting to style your new house on your old one, particularly if you and your family had lots of happy times there. But it’s important for you to think of your new house as a new opportunity to create memories. Nothing will ever be the same, so you need to turn your new house into somewhere that feels just as much like home, but in a new and different way.

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