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5 Showerheads for Hard Water Your Hair & Skin Will Appreciate

5 Showerheads for Hard Water Your Hair & Skin Will Appreciate

Regardless of the reason why you need to purchase new showerheads, buying the right product is a top priority. Additionally, it's advisable that you replace them every six months to prevent bacteria from thriving in this bathroom fixture. Showerheads…
8 Features of a Modern Bathroom

8 Must-Have Features of a Modern Bathroom

In any home renovation whether for simple improvement or for adding value, the last thing considered are upgrades to your modern bathroom. Most homeowners would rather spend most of their budget on key areas like the kitchen and living room.…
Large cube shaped chandeliers hanging in a dining room. Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, llc.
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Decorative Lighting Trends for 2016; What’s New?

I am a designer who really values good lighting and knows how important it is to have a well-designed lighting plan. I think it takes a layered lighting plan to get the best results and that certainly includes decorative lighting. Decorative…
transitional guest hallway bathroom with white subway tile wainscot, light blue walls, pedestal ADA sink , tilt mirror, chrome fixtures, glass shower enclosure, and layered lighting plan

3 Tips To Making A Small Bathroom Feel BIG

Getting rid of visual barriers A small bath doesn't have to look like a small bath. There are some design tips that can help the small bath appear roomier. Remove any visual barriers - Visual barriers would be walls…
Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom

Renovate Your Bathroom!

Are you thinking about renovating your entire bathroom so that it is more functional? However, has a high cost put the project on hold? You could be looking at thousands of dollars for the project, and, unless you want to finance it, you might…
Good things come in small packages

Good Things Come in Small Packages

I truly believe that good things come in small packages. For instance, just because your bathroom is small, it can still be luxurious.