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Choosing The Right Architect For Your Project

Choosing the right architect doesn't have to be difficult. Here are 6 different types of architects to help you make the right decision.
Foundation Depth of Skyscrapers Around the World

Foundation Depth of Skyscrapers Around the World

You might not know as much about skyscrapers as you think. Here are the depths of skyscraper foundations around the world.
6 Homes Around the World Known for Their Unique Architecture

6 Homes Known for Their Unique Architecture

These homes are designed for practicality and function, as well. If you’re looking for unique architecture, this list has you covered.
Biophilic Design in Architecture • Looking Forward

Biophilic Design in Architecture • Looking Forward

Biophilic design in architecture gives us a bright, sustainable future. How will you use it in your design? Here are some amazing benefits.
Living Small The Tiny Houses Trend

Living Small: What You Should Know About The Tiny Houses Trend

The aspiration of owning a large home has begun to feel thoroughly archaic in the 21st century,. Instead, many are turning to the tiny houses trend.
Top Seven Questions to Ask an Architect

7 Questions You Should Ask An Architect Before Working With Them

Designing a new home requires a lot of planning and preparation for a successful project. This is why you want the services of a professional architect.
Six Type of Architects

6 Types of Architects: Choosing The Right One For Your Project

To someone who doesn't know, architects only pertain to designing houses, buildings and nothing more. While this is how a lot of people perceive it, there’s actually more to this field than one realizes. However, architecture is one…
Prefab homes

4 Reasons why Prefab Homes are the Millenial’s Best Choice

Prefab homes can be roughly defined as a home building method that uses parts made, assembled and manufactured inside a factory that is then assembled on the construction site. That makes prefab homes a great way to get “a place to call your…
Precast concrete

Precast Concrete; a Future in Residential Homes

Precast concrete continually increases in popularity as a building material. Because the world population continues to expand, there is an ever-increasing emphasis on affordable new residential homes. Now, more than ever, there is a need for…
Architecture Software Technologies

Architecture Software Trends to Watch

It seems like things are always changing (and changing fast) in technology industries. This is especially true in the world of architecture, where design and function are rapidly accelerating in this digital world. As an architect or design…
What to Consider When Designing a Breezeway

Architecture 101; Designing a Beautiful Breezeway

If you are unfamiliar with the purpose of a breezeway it is typically like a hallway connecting two structures. Many times in residential architecture you would see a breezeway between the main home and a garage or guest house. A breezeway…
Modern Design and Affordability
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Modern Design – It’s More Affordable Than You Think

If we step back to the early eighties it is shocking to see how unobtainable luxury living was. Back then, we didn’t have access to the clothing and technology that is available today. Modern design is a lot more affordable now than we think…