To someone who doesn’t know, architects only pertain to designing houses, buildings and nothing more. While this is how a lot of people perceive it, there’s actually more to this field than one realizes.

However, architecture is one of those fields that come with a range of specialization options with several topics falling under the category depending on the type of architectural ‌firm‌ you decide to work for.

The type of work architects handles range from designing a small room inside a house to an entire city. In fact, they develop, design, and supervise several types of projects. Their design skills, knowledge, and artistic sense allow them to approach other paths like product design, graphic design. and also game design.

To help you distinguish between them, here is a list with six types of professional architects for your convenience and information.

Which Type of Architect Do You Need for Your Project?

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1.  Residential Architects

These are the type of architects that design‌ ‌homes. They collaborate with homeowners to design custom homes or make improvements with existing ones. They also work alongside home builders and developers. For instance, if a developer is to make a large subdivision, the role of the architect would be to design the various types of houses that are built.

Residential architects take note of functional and spatial requirements; then start designing plants, elevations, and layouts. After that, they estimate the cost of their services, the material requirements for building, and also the timeline to complete the construction project.

2.  Commercial Architects

Commercial architects specialize in larger projects for government entities or businesses. They also work on developing public buildings like libraries, museums, hotels, schools, multi-unit residential buildings, government facilities, shopping malls, medical centres and more. Their creativity comes into action by making beautiful buildings that are pleasing to the mass public, employees, and employers among other people.

Commercial Architects

Of course, commercial architects also have a difficult task because they’re designing buildings that need to be beautiful as well as meet the expectations of their clients. Additionally, the best commercial architects know how to design a building that promotes great traffic in retail spaces.

Those who choose to become a commercial architect need to understand building codes to an even greater degree than a residential architect and also possess a bit of engineering knowledge.

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3.  Restoration Architect‌s

The job of restoration architects is to maintain, repair, restore and extend historic and protective properties. They need legislative knowledge and relative planning to negotiate the planning system and to understand the project’s historic architecture. In short, the role of a restoration architect is to put back and preserve, instead of enhancing the look of a structure or building.

With the help of a restoration architect, you’ll be able to recreate the ornate appearance of an architectural structure. Doing so acknowledges the artist’s creative integrity so people can reminisce the building’s pre-historic nature. A good restoration architect can help you accomplish a complete and successful restoration. This could be done by considering specific materials and sensitive processes alongside design measures. It will also protect the building from complex exploitation using contemporary interventions.

4.  Landscape Architects

A landscape architect’s job is different from the other three that we have covered so far in this list. Their projects entail focusing on developing outdoor spaces that people can enjoy. They also design college campuses, parks, garden areas and more. They also design walking paths and the general layout of an outdoor area.

Sometimes landscape‌ ‌architects‌ have more to deal with because of the size of the area that they design. For example, landscape‌ ‌architects‌ who design a college campus’ layout will have a lot of things to factor in. For one thing, there’s plenty of ground to cover, not to mention their design needs to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible while also making sure the traffic flows well.

5.  Interior Designers

Interior Designers

This position involves styling and designing the interior of a house, an office, an apartment or a restaurant. If you think interior designing is candy-work compared to the other positions so far in this list, you are way off. Interior designers have to have a deep understanding of the fabrics, materials, colors, and the fundamentals of furniture‌ ‌design. These experts understand how to get the most out of living spaces and make certain changes that improve the overall visual appeal of an entire house.

Besides houses, interior designers also work on designing commercial spaces, which require greater importance, knowledge, and care than residential spaces. Their job requires them to make spaces that are not only eye-catching but also very functional.

6.  Green Design Architect‌s

Which Type of Architect Do You Need for Your Project?

The term “green” in architecture means designing and building structures that are friendly to the environment. Green buildings are constructed alongside solar panels, underground rooms and other features that reduce energy costs and promote sustainable living for homeowners. These buildings also have a more organic design that fits seamlessly with the natural environment and its surroundings non-obtrusively.

Green design‌ ‌architects‌ need to have plenty of understanding in specific areas when making houses within this category. For instance, they need to understand how they can get the most out of the materials they use for construction, as well as know how to use the natural properties of the sun and shade. Aerodynamics also plays a key role in designing green buildings, which can be quite the task to undertake, but the best green design architects will work around it to get the proper results that their clients are looking for.

How To Choose The Right Architect

Choosing the right architect can be challenging. But once you know where to find the right one, you’ll have what it takes to accomplish your architectural plans and projects.

To select the right architect, you need to search for the best ones in your area by asking people you know and browsing online. You can create a shortlist of local architects to help you narrow down your options. Interview each prospective architect and determine their credentials and experience. Find out if your prospects work for an architectural firm or are practicing as independent or solo contractors.


Now you’re more knowledgeable of the different types of architects, you can hire one for the specific projects you have. Make sure to express your thoughts and ask questions from your prospective architect on the elements you like for your project. This may include the layout, features, and functionality of each architectural element. In this way, you’ll gain successful and satisfactory results.

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