Cities are becoming more popular than ever, so much so that the UN has predicted that by 2050, 55% of people will live in an urban area or modern city. With the many different opportunities that they offer, from vibrant nightlife to job opportunity, to the community and social benefit, it’s easy to see why so many live in these areas.

If you find this interesting, we invite you to continue reading to learn about how modern city property is developing in 2020.

But the cities are already at a saturation level. This is in addition to unhealthy emissions that affect city-goers health. So, the question is, how will these growing numbers affect cities in the years to come?

2020 Modern City Property Development

Modern City

Compacted Space

These concrete jungles, cities, and cityscapes are often full of congestion with hubs and buildings overlapping. Moreover, thousands of people walk the streets every day. This is why buildings have to interweave themselves within an existing layout while maintaining sustainability.

In today’s cities, it’s common to see a new block of flats or a student building under construction. However, another innovation that happens quite a bit is the repurposing of existing buildings. This means using what’s already there rather than demolishing and restarting. Demolishing is costly and causes disturbances (especially in an area as compact as a city).

Retrofitting gives the history of a city a chance to continue while keeping what was there before. A good example of this is the Bridewell prison in Liverpool. This a grade II building that is now converted into a hotel and student property hybrid.


Minimalism, when applied to the architectural design and the latest construction techniques helps future-proof buildings. RWinvest, a property investment company has property options for investors in cities such as Liverpool and Manchester. In fact, these cities have apartments that feature minimalist, space-saving interiors.

Preparing for the Future

Modern City

Cities continue to be popular with younger people, students, and entrepreneurs. These people want to live and work in an urban area while making the most of the opportunities. Therefore, property investors and developers must think quickly to accommodate the growing numbers.

This is where Off-plan development makes the most of the surging demand with the number of potential tenants. In fact, Off-plan is one of the most popular investment methods going at the moment. That’s because investors purchase a property while it is still in its development and construction phases. This way, they ensure that they make the best investment as early as possible for the best chance of success.

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