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Architecture 101; Designing a Beautiful Breezeway

What to Consider When Designing a Breezeway

If you are unfamiliar with the purpose of a breezeway it is typically like a hallway connecting two structures. Many times in residential architecture you would see a breezeway between the main home and a garage or guest house. A breezeway is to accommodate weather conditions by allowing you to pass from structure to structure safely.

As with any part of the home, I believe in designing it to be more than just functional, it should be aesthetically appealing too. Here are some design guidelines to help you create the perfect breezeway for your home.

How to Design a Beautiful Breezeway

Compliment the Homes Architectural Style

How to Design a Beautiful Breezeway
Image Courtesy of Pexels.

A breezeway is simply a hallway, but as an addition to your home, it needs to be designed in the character style of your home. I think when you are adding something like this onto your home you should consider consulting a professional like an architect to guide and help you maintain the integrity of the architecture and style of the home. Rooflines will need to be taken into account when bridging two other roofs so that you have proper drainage and connection of all three roofs.

Consider a Sun Room As a Breezeway

Consider a Sun Room As a Breezeway
Image Courtesy of Canva.

With the right design vision, your new breezeway might serve as a sunroom too. Being an interior designer who specializes in space planning, I like to consider all the possibilities when I am designing a new room. A breezeway can easily be designed to also serve as a sunroom or an open patio. You would just need to consider your furniture arrangement and accommodate the size of the floor space to fit.

Choose the Right Style of Lighting

Choose the Right Style of Lighting
Image Courtesy of Pexels.

When it comes to any architecture or design I must always talk about the importance of lighting it well. Depending on the length of your breezeway will determine how many light fixtures you will need to light the pathway for safely navigating. Choosing the right decorative fixture style is super important too as it will add to your home’s exterior beauty.

Another important detail is the ceiling detail and this is especially important in a long breezeway. When it comes to design and architecture it is the little details that have the biggest visual impact so you will want to pay attention to them.

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