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The bamboo architecture in Bali is spectacular. It’s beautiful, unique, and inspiring. Bamboo structures don’t have to be cheap and dirty – they can be luxurious and strong. Bamboo is a type of grass, so it seems absurd to create bamboo architecture buildings out of it. However, bamboo actually has a strength equivalent to steel. Bamboo’s flexibility allows for creative and unique designs that otherwise would not be able to be achieved. Bamboo is used widely throughout Bali for building because of how plentiful it is. It also has an extremely fast growth rate, and it’s ready to use for building material at just 3-5 years old. Here are some popular structures made out of bamboo that can be found in Bali.

Spectacular Bamboo Architecture in Bali

Sunrise House at Green Village

In Sibang Gede, Bali, in the Green Village, there is an incredible structure called the Sunrise House. It was designed in the shape of a leaf, and it faces the East. Therefore, the sunrise hits the building every morning and creates a spectacular glow. The structure has four levels, including a master bedroom, two guest rooms, an open plan kitchen, a living area and dining area, a media room, and even an office. Since bamboo is such an easy material to work with, the Sunrise House only took 6 months to complete.

Spa at Permata Ayung Estate

Unique Bamboo architecture in Bali - Spa at Permata Ayung Estate

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If you are ever in Bongkasa, Bali, the Spa at Permata Ayung Estate is a work of architecture that can’t be missed. It’s built on a riverside and the Spa is made entirely out of bamboo. It only took 5 months to complete this bamboo architecture project. It even has a special feature of a massage-pod suspended above the river on cables.

Mepantigan Auditorium at Green School

Bali architecture - The Mepantigan Auditorium

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In Sibang Kaja, Bali, there is a Green School. Here you will find the Mepantigan Auditorium. This auditorium is a multi-purpose event space built entirely out of bamboo. The building is supported by two huge arches, with a span of 15 meters. Inside the auditorium, it’s very airy. It feels as if you are outside, even though you are completely protected from the outdoor elements.

Kindergarten Classroom at Green School

Bali architecture - Kindergarten classroom at Green School

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This Kindergarten Classroom in Sibang Kaja, Bali, at Green School, is the dream classroom of any child. It’s all open concept, and the classroom is supported by a central bamboo basket-like column that has a skylight right in the middle. The classroom doesn’t have any walls, therefore it is flooded with natural light and fresh air. Furthermore, the door is just a bamboo arch. It simply acts as a threshold between the classroom and the outdoor world. The classroom provides a very enriching environment for kindergarteners to learn in.

Dapoer at Bambu Indah

Bali architecture - Dapoer Restaurant in Ubud.

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This restaurant in Ubud, called Dapoer, is unlike any you’ve ever seen before. It consists of a completely open concept kitchen. This restaurant is part of the boutique hotel in Ubud called Bambu Indah. A beautiful bamboo roof is supported by strong pillars. Even the tables and chairs at the restaurant are beautifully crafted. Dapoer is surrounded by a vegetable garden, so guests can see how their food is grown while enjoying their local meal.

Yurt at Green Village

Bali architecture - Yurt at Green Village

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Traditional Mongolian yurts have been around for centuries. At Green Village in Bali, a creative yurt was built that took inspiration from these traditional yurts. It follows all of the same engineering principles, but instead of traditional materials such as wood and wool, this yurt in Bali was made entirely out of bamboo. It suits the tropical environment perfectly. The yurt has a raised floor, open walls weaved similar to a basket, and a tall bamboo roof. It makes the perfect guest house, work/office space, or a peaceful pavilion for the garden.

Tower House at Green Village

Bali architecture - Tower House at Green Village.

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In Sibang Gede, Bali, there is an awe-inspiring house called the Tower House. This house is supported by many bamboo poles, fastened together in order to form a basket-like central column. The column travels all the way from the foundation of the building through the entire four levels of the house. The Tower House has bamboo stairs, floors and seating. Even the living room has a large bamboo basket for the TV lounge.

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