If you were to browse through an architecture magazine or home design book that was published thirty years ago, there would be plenty of contemporary visuals. If you were to surf the web at this very moment for tending architectural and home design photos, there would also be a number of contemporary pictures to look at. The popularity of contemporary style homes has not diminished over the years, but the specific traits that comprise the contemporariness of a home have changed dramatically.

These days, even those who typically prefer country-style or old-fashioned looking homes are welcoming contemporary options. Incorporating multiple styles and different design features is common place, which allows homeowners a limitless number of options when building a custom home or remodeling a current home.

Make Any Age Home Look Hip

In order to create a contemporary appearance in a house, consider the following:

Walls are Wasteful

Knocking down existing walls is a fairly simple renovation that offers tremendous benefit. The less bulky walls utilized inside a home, the bigger it looks. Granted, structurally speaking, walls are necessary, but often times, they serve no real purpose. Make sure that you enlist the help of a professional handyman or contractor before you go to town with the sledge hammer. If you’re building from scratch, tell your custom builder that you want minimal walls.

Flooring is a Factor

One of the biggest culprits of an outdated home is carpet flooring. Not only does carpet age quickly and unattractively, it is also terrible for people with allergies. Hard floors are the way to go. The wear and tear is minimal, and there are plenty of different choices. No contemporary home would be caught dead with carpet flooring. Once the wood, tile, laminate, or concrete flooring is installed, then you have the option to bring in area rugs of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Openness is Optimal

Regardless of how many square feet a house is, the key to contemporary is open spaces. Bulky furniture should be avoided, clutter should be minimized, and closets should be optimized. Dark colors will automatically make any space look smaller, but mirrors can instantly make a space look larger. Closets can be converted into office nooks, and garages can be transformed into bedrooms.

Natural Light is Nurturing

Not only is sunlight free of charge, but it is also a friend to the environment and better for your mood. The more natural light that is allowed into your home, the better. Custom glass windows can create the perfect contemporary look, and can be designed to withstand extreme weather conditions so you don’t have to worry about the safety feature. Skylights are also a great addition to contemporary homes, but heavy window treatments should be avoided.

Written by: Kaity Nakagoshi, Online Community Director

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Kaity was born and raised in sunny Florida, and obtained two bachelor’s degrees from the University of South Florida. Some of her favorite things are hot yoga, online shopping, Sunday brunch, college football, hair bows and headbands, playing golf, and FaceTiming with her niece.

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