Window Shutters For Every Design Style

Windows are the eyes to a room’s soul so designing a shutter is like painting the eyes of a room.  Shutters may seem a simple addition to your room, but all the examples may inspire you to entirely different options that really can affect the dynamics of the room.

Here are some examples of contemporary, classic, and whimsical shutter designs to inspire your design!

Window Shutters For Every Design Style

Classic Shutter Designs to Brighten Your Room

Classic designs are great for homes and the three the three styles discussed in this article show how not only can you feature these classically inspired shutters in your room, but allow natural light to ascend into the room, while the shutters offer the pleasure of privacy at any given time.

Try a bright design with a classically style window with a shutter that is bright, wooden, and continues to give the mood of an open bright room, but also a level of privacy to cut off the world for alone time at night with either the family or a significant other.

This is a less than contemporary styled room with two beautiful bay doors giving tons of natural light but use heavy wooden rustic shutters close it down as though a haven from elements or voyeurs.

Shutters can be a simple classic formation that could mesh easily in any style home, even this models blocking the outdoors giving privacy but still letting natural light shine through.

Contemporary Designs for Your Window Shutters

Contemporary designs are often full of cleaner, more simple aesthetics and the shutters in each of these examples are no exception

The shutters can be small and simple and continue the almost cold stone affect the room emotes. The wicker chairs and hardwood floor coupled by stone make a room beautiful though not necessarily comforting. It certainly makes a statement.

A contemporary shutter for a bathroom creates a genius of natural light without allowing privacy to be violated creating the illusion of being outside while still being about to do your business with natural light.

Use Whimsy and Have Fun with Your Shutters

It’s always fun if able to think outside the box and utilize whimsical inspirations.

The physical design of some shutters don’t offer anything ground breaking structurally so try out a new bright blue color to change the entire dynamic of your room, making it feel light, exciting and  inviting.

Use whimsical design for a very specific design aesthetic that makes a room very personal and also a lovely way to light a room that feels very private.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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      True – a lot of these shutters were used for their good looks, not for function. But thanks for sharing some good examples of shutters that look great and do a good job of filtering light.


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