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Home Design DIY Bedroom Ideas

When beginning a home design diy project it is important to start with a plan. Often times designers choose to start with one piece of inspiration to keep at the center of the decor. This reins us in, setting the tone we want to achieve without getting carried away with too much of a good thing.

Jennifer French, Interior Decorator and Colour Consultant from Inside Out Colour and Design has shared her home design diy bedroom project with us.  Learn how she built her entire design around one accent piece.

Home Design DIY Ideas for Your Bedroom

We designed the Master Bedroom around a pair of ceramic lamps bought in Hong Kong.

The colour scheme for the bedroom came from the floral pattern on the lamp bases.

Designing a master bedroom can be tricky because you don’t want to make it too feminine. So to play down the floral design on the lamps, we chose a deep purple for the feature wall behind the bed. This made the lamps stand out more too.

Fabric was then chosen for the bedspread and curtains to complement the purple feature wall and also work back to the lamps.

Asian furniture pieces and artworks were chosen which would remind the homeowners of their time living in South East Asia.

It is always nice to incorporate something personal into your design, whether it’s memorabilia, artwork, or something that has been in your family for decades.  Be creative when choosing your accent piece for your home design diy idea.  Thank you, Jennifer for sharing your bedroom decor with us!

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  1. I think the color scheme might be a bit too dark for my tastes but I can’t say I don’t like it. This is great just that I wouldn’t do this in my bedroom but I love seeing it here.

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