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Spare Bedroom Ideas; 5 Out of the Box Designs

Spare Bedroom Ideas 5 Out of the Box Designs

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your house, then it’s time to think outside the box and create a space that will add real value to your life. While most people use any extra space to create a guest room, this isn’t always needed – and in fact, if you only have guests staying the occasional weekend, it’s most likely a waste of potential. Below we explore some out of the box spare bedroom ideas which will allow you to enjoy each and every room of your home.

5 Unique Spare Bedroom Ideas

Games Room

5 Unique Spare Bedroom Ideas

By adding a game room, you’ll be creating a social space that allows you to enjoy the time you spend in your home. What you put in the room will depend on what you like doing. You could display your favorite collectibles, like a collection of old consoles from years past. A game room isn’t just about games it’s about you and the décor should speak to that.

The Ultimate Closet

The Ultimate Closet for Spare Bedroom Ideas

If you’re someone who loves fashion and always dreamt of a walk-in closet like Carrie Bradshaw’s from Sex and the City then you’ll need room to create it and a spare bedroom is perfect! Being able to display the latest fashions and trends in a spacious closet is only a spare room and a good closet design away. Depending on the size of the room you might be able to design an island into your design with all the storage that you need right at your fingertips.

Home Movie Theater

Home Movie Theater

Of all the things people wish they could have in their house, few are more popular than the home cinema. Although people often think of them as something only the rich and famous can have, this isn’t the case. This really cool guide on home theaters will make transforming your spare room into a cozy viewing experience a breeze. On a Friday night, you’ll be able to invite your friends and family around for a showing of the best movies and TV shows.

A Personal Study

A Personal Study

Having a personal study where you can go for a quiet time, to read or work in is a nice luxury to have in your home. Built-in shelving is a great addition to a study where you can store your favorite reads or accessorize with family pictures that mean something to you. A personal study is also a great place to add an additional TV where you can watch your favorite shows or listen to a news station. The bottom line is it’s a nice place to find personal space.

Creative Studio

A Personal Study

A studio is perfect for the creative. Whether you are into music, art or crafting a spare bedroom might be ideal to set up an organized studio equipped with everything you need to create. You will want to think about things like a color palette that helps with your creative energy, a place that you find inspiration. As I always say, don’t forget the lighting especially if you are going to be doing a task. Make sure you consider the activities you might be doing now and in the future in your studio and design a layered lighting plan.

I hope this has inspired you to think about how much your guest room actually gets used and if the answer is, not a lot, then consider turning it into a room you will enjoy every day.

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