Today’s interior design usually depicts a mixture of culture and beliefs. However, one excellent idea is to add a touch of Asia to your interior design. With the Asian style of interior design, you can go all-out minimalist or modern. However, if there are a number of different styles you like, consider an eclectic style. Even the wall decor and accents, furniture, linens and bedding, and every material are compelled by certain forces. After all, the design of your home mirrors you, your beliefs, traditions, and the people most dear to you.

People in the Western world have long held a fascination for oriental design. Moreover, like all cultural influences, there are unique qualities that make certain elements of Asian design stand out. Here is a collection of Asian style ideas you can implement in your home.

A Touch of Asia • Interior Design Ideas Influenced by Eastern Style


Touch of Asia Biophilic

In most Asian homes you will find plants, a fountain, aquarium, and other biophilic elements. As great lovers of natural surroundings, Asian people make sure that they bring the earth’s elements into their homes. This includes scented candles, potted plants, waterfalls, reflecting pools, koi ponds, and wind chimes.

Additionally, they also love their homes to be surrounded by trees, shrubs, and flowers. It allows nature’s beauty to replace the hustle and noise of the surrounding city. For homes with lots of greenery both inside and out, you’ll need to check out a service contractor like City Seamless Gutters to keep your gutters in good shape season after season.



At the core of Asian design are peace and tranquility. It begins with neutral colors and space as a design element where clutter stays at a minimum. Again, biophilic elements are present as is natural lighting along with natural ventilation. Interestingly, some call it zen style because of the serenity and peace in this design. Moreover, many Asian people, especially traditional ones, consult feng shui experts on how to arrange spaces and what colors to choose.

Vivid Tones

Vivid tones

While a neutral palette may dominate Asian homes, vivid tones are also present in the rich culture and traditions. Colorful backdrops are actually common in Oriental households. Bright accents are scattered around living rooms and bedrooms. Vibrant hues like pink, red, purple and gold stand out in an Asian interior.

Old but Gold

Old but Gold

Oriental folks like antique items so much that they are not just prized tokens but also decorative pieces that perfectly fit in Asian inspired design. Whether it’s an ancestral sculpture or a historical artwork, you won’t walk out of an Oriental home without the sight of an ancient gem. So, if you want to spice up your interior with Oriental style, bring out the treasures you want to see every day.

We hope these tips give you a glimpse of how you might add Asian style to your interior design. Of course, this only brushes the surface of the influences of Asian design in our world today. So, continue to search for more great ideas to bring a “Zen” feeling into your home.

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