Nursery design might be intimidating for a new mom. Each year, around 1 million women will become mothers for the very first time. For first-time mothers, the nursery design is an exciting event, but it also comes with a lot of difficult choices and unknowns. For instance, your nursery design is a big step in getting your house ready for your new child. But many mothers make the mistake of going to Pinterest and becoming overwhelmed with pictures of perfectly themed and magazine-ready nursery design baby rooms. 

Stop worrying because your nursery design doesn’t have to be ready for a photo shoot for your baby to be healthy and happy. So, we invite you to continue reading for a few simple tips on how to decorate a nursery. 

3 Nursery Design Ideas

Nursery Design Ideas

⎆ Safety Comes First

When it comes to setting up a nursery, safety must always come first. First, check those wall hangings or photo frames and ensure that they are securely fastened to the walls. Also, forgo the cute stuffed animals and decorate them with pillows outside the crib area. Additionally, don’t include small trinkets that could become a snack or anything fragile in the nursery. 

You’re going to need a lot of help with baby proofing — both in the baby nursery and around the house. Don’t forget the little things like outlet covers, cabinet locks, and corner guards. These little things will save you from constantly worrying about the safety of your child as they become more mobile with time. 

⎆ The function of a Nursery Design is a Priority

The next consideration about how to design a nursery is ensuring the right amount of functionality.  To meet these needs, your nursery needs a few staples to serve its purpose, which includes:

  • A crib for your baby to sleep in
  • A changing table or surface
  • A chair for nursing and snuggling
  • Storage for clothes, baby supplies, and toys

Anything beyond these things just takes up space and clutters the room.

⎆ Keep it Gender-Neutral 

Still not sure how to set up a nursery? Overwhelmed by all the theming decisions when it comes to decor? When in doubt, the best choice is to stay gender-neutral. 

You may be tempted to create a pink princess room for your baby girl or a sports-themed room for your baby boy, but many people are trying to avoid color stereotyping. Instead, go with a neutral color scheme or simple themes like the outdoors or animals. 

A gender-neutral nursery is important if you wish to have more than one child. That way, you’ll be able to keep the theme, saving you both time and money. This will also help you overcome gender stereotypes when raising your child. 

How to Decorate a Nursery – Your Way!

Using these simple tips, you now know how to decorate a nursery with the very best selections for you and your baby. First remember that the safety of your baby is the number one priority. From there, focus on the function of the nursery and how it will help you through the first months of motherhood. Finally, choose a gender-neutral nursery theme to save you time and money or if you want more than one child to sleep in the room.

Are you trying to decorate the nursery on a budget? If so, head to the DIY Inspiration section of this blog for all the best tips and tricks. We’ve also included other great links below for all things design.

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