Choosing a style for the children’s bedroom is always more difficult than one could imagine. Since children have their own point of view, there is a great chance that they are not going to welcome the latest modern tendencies in this field.

The style of the child’s bedroom appears to be as important as the style of the other rooms in your home. That is why it is essential to mark some of the appropriate tendencies for 2014. Some of them tend to be innovative, others more practical.

Children’s Bedroom Styles for 2014

Classic Style

If the luxury reigns in your home or if you have a significant amount of saved money, the classic style for your child’s bedroom tends to be a good option. You should take into account that classic does not mean exactly the same when we talk about a room where children sleep, however it still represents a more sophisticated atmosphere.

The colors usually dominating in that style vary from pure white and ivory to light brown and colors near to them.

The walls could also be painted in the same colors so that they could contrast with a quilt put on the bed for instance. The bed on its turn has to be enormous, with an oval form. As far as the other furniture is concerned, a sofa put next to the bed is a good option.

The bureau may be positioned across the sofa – it is vital to have a strict order so that the child would feel somehow like an adult and be more responsible. The walls should be decorated with wallpapers which also combine with the whole style. The curtains must be heavy and long, with a few ornaments on them and in the same color scheme.

The wooden furniture is preferred in order to keep the authenticity. Keep in mind that this style requires a significant amount of money and that is why it is good to think before taking up with this.

Purple Rain

A new tendency in decorating children’s bedrooms is also represented by the purple color.

The light tones of purple could be chosen if painting the room for your girl or the dark purple ones if it is for a boy. This little detail is of great importance because boys can get really mad if they suspect that the chosen color is girlish. This style is more freely oriented as long as the purple atmosphere is felt into the room.

Some big purple pillows could be added and put on the bed, leaving enough space for the other objects.

In terms of the walls they must be painted, with several pictures or photos on them, suitable for children.

Buy purple frames to draw the attention towards them. On the floor you could add a small oval carpet, in front of the bed so that the child would feel comfortable when putting their feet on it early in the morning.

The lamps must be two and may have little purple ornaments on them.

These are a few of the latest tendencies for decorating a child’s bedroom. An important part of this is when refreshing the style, the taste of the children should also be taken into account.

Written by: Jane Mires, Writer

About the Author

Jane Mires loves to write about kids and decorating. She currently works for a company which offers tenancy contract cleaning and she has a lot of fresh and new ideas for bedroom styles.

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