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What does it mean to be sexy? Is it wearing the trendiest fashions? Is it sporting the biggest bag on our shoulder? Or maybe it’s mastering the art of gracefully striding across the room in a 6 inch stiletto (gosh, I hope not!).

Today, our panel of expert contributors tell us that none of those things matter. Learn how being confidently YOU is as sexy as they come.


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Sexy: A State Of Mind…Not A Dress Code

Being sexy has everything to do with how you feel and almost nothing to do with what you wear. There is nothing sexier than confidence. A confident woman is sexy in a suit, jeans or pajamas. She has an attitude that she looks good and feels good no matter what anyone may think. When she walks into the room, others perceive that vibe and are drawn to it like bees to honey.


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The sexy woman sips her beverage, holds engaging small talk and gently tosses her hair; she doesn’t have to drink the most, be the loudest or wear the shortest/tightest clothes to get noticed.

Practically speaking, a nice smile, a well-fitted bra and some cleavage and/or a “normal” length skirt with a deep split is definitely as sexy as they come.

Shannon Mouton, Principal, Topaz Consulting  

Slip on a Sexy Attitude Before Dressing

Sexy is an attitude way more than it’s a look. You can have a great body, drape it in an amazing dress, and slip on three inch heels that make you look like you’ve had a butt lift. That’s the easiest part of being sexy. The hard part is to lift your chin, smile with your whole body, and look straight in the eyes of the guy who sets your engine revving. The hard part is to smile genuinely, to say hello and mean it as a welcome.


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Appreciation of your clothes lasts only a few seconds. Your clothes are mostly for you. Before you spend your hard earned dollars searching for seduction clothes, take some time to get in touch with the sexy side of your own nature. Ask yourself what makes you feel sexy and get some of THAT into your life.

When I have dinner and drinks with my girlfriends, I come back relaxed, happy, and grateful for the guy at home whose lap I can crawl into if I want. When I’m in that mood, whatever I have on is the sexiest outfit in the world.

Donna McDonald, Romance Author

Own Your Sexy, Sassy Style

Here are three steps to expressing your uniquely sexy style:


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  • Find your own style – don’t copy a magazine or a mannequin. Let your style reflect your lifestyle.
  • Showcase your best assets and highlight them. Great legs? Wear skirts that show some leg. Swan-like neck – get a shorter haircut.
  • Embrace your femininity. Love being a woman – stay away from boxy, unflattering clothing and stop trying to hide your curves!

Donina Ifurung, Owner & Founder, On High Heels

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