Decorating indoor plants make any space more soothing and appealing. Whether it is an office or home, get along with these tips and ways to arrange indoor plants.

How To Arrange Indoor Plants Like A Pro

arrange indoor plants

A plant-filled space is a happy space – well if you ask us, we think that. When you think of having plants in offices or homes, no shortage of ideas is there to make them an integral part of your décor. You can bring in plenty of types and interior plant designs for any space you want.

However, knowing what greenery to bring in and, more importantly, how to make them look stunning to suit the space is a challenge. This becomes a task when you’re a beginner.

For starters, you can choose the best interior plants depending on the space you want to decorate. Also, consider the lighting in your room and the way you want it to be – potted or hung. And, when watering the plants is too much of a trouble for you, having low-maintenance plants is the best alternative.

Moreover, you can always consider hiring plant maintenance services or office plant services to escape from dealing with it. Now, if all of this sounds too overwhelming, don’t worry, as we are here to help you figure it out.

However, before you step into the plant shopping part, you want to have an idea of what you want for the space. So, to inspire you, we have rounded up some amazing indoor plant arrangements ideas. Take a peel and pick the best tips for you.

  •  A Foliage Tablescape

There is not always a need of sticking your plants into pots and vases. You can also get creative with a simple dining table centerpiece – a mix of floral and green. What’s perfect here is garland greenery.

You can decide whether you want dried varieties, real flowers, or leafy options. Add in some candles, vases, and votives, and weave your foliage and flowers.

  • Go For a Curated Cluster

Stuck on how to arrange indoor plants for a purposeful and curated look?

So, it is best to group plants in some cool planters together in one corner of the space you want. You can maybe go for using plants with varying heights. And, you can never go wrong with this approach. Make sure you use them as décor. They’ll add to the overall mood.

  • A Raised Focal Point

Get a raised focal point in the space by hanging some greenery above the windows. It is just one clever way to add in some greenery without taking up any floor space.

You can opt for a drapey plant that provides an overflowing look. That’ll add instant colour and texture as well as provide a more dynamic look to the space.

  • Here’s the Centre Stage

Get a minimalistic approach to decorating your indoor plants, go for focusing on one type of plant. And, make it the spotlight of the space.

Maybe you can arrange the plant in an attractive vase so that it brings the focus to it. For one specific plant or greenery, pick something tall and full. Make sure it has a lot of presence.

  • No Green Edge Here

If you are a big fan of indoor plants but no good at caring for them, consider dried stems. Go for some pampas grass as it brings texture and beach vibes to the space without taking up a lot of floor space.

You can also swap in a eucalyptus plant with long leafy branches with eye-catching shape and colour. And, non-green plants can be the best.

  • Let’s Go to the Jungle

Sure to set a welcoming mood is any greenery or plant in your entryway. Along with providing a vibrant décor, plants will help deodorize the space with their natural aroma.

Getting low-maintenance trees and plants in the entryway would be a practical choice. And, this saves you the trouble of having to water and maintain them regularly. Diffuse some essential oils to finish.

  • A Vignette but Vibrant

If you happen to have a no functioning fireplace or pit, go for rethinking the space as a display or indoor plants. This will prove to be a creative way to liven up a space that has been lying unused. It’s time to make it the focal point now. Go for a mix of different types of plants and layer them along with other accessories.

  • The Perfect Plant Corner

Finding new uses for furnishing can get you an unexpected look. So, using your books and indoor plants can be used as décor on a bar cart or furniture.

Wherever the piece of furniture is placed, you can turn the corner into a place that is vibrant and amazing. The key is to start with large trees on the floor and go up with the size of plants decreasing.

  • How about a Shelf Life

Let’s turn your bookshelf into a captivating storage space and display – but for plants. Throw together an array of books, objects and, most importantly, plants. That’ll make the bookcase look like a curated collection of uniqueness.

And, no rule exists here when it comes to arranging plants and other objects on a bookshelf. Moreover, you can go for different variety of plants and small trees. You’ll get a contrast there.

  • To the Secret Garden Cove

It’s time to transform an awkward inlet or a reading nook into a garden hideaway. You can go for a large potted houseplant or some hanging greenery.

However, always make sure that your office planter or other plants get enough natural light for them to thrive. Also, get in some nature-inspired finishing touches to usher in some charm and comfort.

  • A Room with a View

No matter what space it is, framing a large window with all the greenery and lively houseplants will help you bring the inside and outside feels together.

You can always bring together hanging and floor plants together near the window. Also, think of a combo with a high low mix to help the ground and keep the focus on the window scene. These are the best ways to arrange indoor plants anywhere.

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