3 Essential Tips for Bedroom Designs

A bedroom should feel safe, relaxing and inviting after a long stressful day. Because our spaces are reflections of our personalities, our values, and our interests, we still want to carry this over to our bedrooms. So, we want to create a personalized, but calming space for ourselves. It is where you should want to go to after a hard day, it is where you should feel the safest in the world. Designing a room that doubles as a sanctuary are easy, you just need to make sure it has the following essentials.

3 Must-Dos in Bedroom Design 

3 Must-Dos in Bedroom Design

Choose a Complementary Color Scheme

Color has a huge impact on mood. In your bedroom, you will want to stay away from bright, primary colors, and instead rely on soft, natural tones instead. Colors like blue and green are perfect for bedrooms because they imply calmness. White is also perfect for this space since it is seen as clean, pure, and also high end. If you are looking to make your bedroom a den of relaxation, stick to these colors.

Warmer colors can, however, trick your mind into believing your room is hotter than it is, and colors like yellow can even energize you.

Light up Your Bedroom

There are two kinds of light that you need to think about when it comes to designing your room. The first is natural light. Use mirrors to bounce light from the windows into the darker areas of your bedroom for optimal light during the day. This will make it brighter, will make you more awake and alert, and generally just make your room more pleasant. Once the sun sets, however, it’s time to switch up your lighting. In order to have a good night’s rest, you need to be respectful of your circadian rhythm. This rhythm is disrupted by the blue light of fluorescent bulbs and even your phone screen. Switch to warm, red light for better sleep quality. You should also enable Night Mode on your electronics if they have the option.

Mix Up Your Patterns

The final design essential when it comes to decorating is pattern overlay. Adding patterns can give the eye something to follow while you are daydreaming, and it can also liven a space up. If you love Asian icons like bamboo plants, then visit https://www.visionbedding.com/bedding/asian. Whatever patterns you choose, try to stick with a theme. Aim to harmonize your room by balancing bold patterns and colors throughout the room. You don’t want to clash too much. After all, the bedroom should be relaxing!

You should also try to refrain from decorating your room too heavily at the start. Your bedroom needs to reflect you, after all, and you need space to grow and make new memories. Leave space open for new art you find, new memories you make, and new home décor items you fall in love with. The more memories attached to each piece of decoration, the better.

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