Make Your Dorm Room a Home Away From Home
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Make Your Dorm Room Home Sweet Home

Going off to college for the first time brings a flood of emotions from excitement to homesickness. At first, there is the hustle and bustle of setting up your dorm room which is the fun part but, you need to prepare yourself for the emotions…
A Craft Room that Inspires
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Craft Room Ideas To Help You Get it Right

Crafters know what makes a good craft room and that is an organized space, but what is equally important is designing a space that inspires. Arts and crafts start with an inspiration so whatever inspires you to create you want to make sure…
Summer Home Decorating
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9 Easy Home Decorating Ideas for Summer

Summers are a great time to freshen up your home appearance. With that said, house decor during summers is an exciting, but a time-consuming task. However, it does not always have to be expensive. By getting creative, you can easily turn the…
Kid’s Backyard Playgrounds
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Kid’s Backyard Playgrounds; Playing Friendly with Nature

Kid's Backyard Playgrounds Kid's backyard playgrounds do not have to be painted in loud colors or disruptive to the landscape. I think designing play areas that blend in with the geography of the space create the best backdrop for a child…
Clever Tips for Small Space Design
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Small Space Design – Clever Tips on Getting it Right!

Popping Color I am a fan of a white background to give the feeling of wide-openness which is necessary when designing small spaces. It sets up a calm palette as the background and lets you create the character you want with bright accessories.…
Asbestos Dangers DIYers Need to Consider
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Dangers DIYers Need to Consider from Asbestos

Did you know over 3,000 manufactured products contain asbestos? Why is this important? Mesothelioma, a deadly cancer with a short survival rate that is linked to exposure of asbestos. If you are thinking about remodeling a home built prior…
Planning Your First Born's Nursery
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Tips On Planning Your First Born’s Nursery

Design starts with inspiration and I always recommend to my clients researching publications such as Houzz or Pinterest to gather ideas of what you like or don't like before you begin. It also helps to create an idea book which is simply a…
Dynamic Playrooms

Dynamic Playrooms

Where are you going to put the gigantic overflow of toys from the holidays, relatives, and birthdays?  A playroom is a great suggestion on where to shove all this extra clutter in an attractive and organized way. A Happy Creative Space Make…
5 Tips To Organize Your Kids Closet

5 Tips To Organize Your Kids Closet

It’s time to tame the “messies”. Have FUN while you organize your child’s closet by rounding up the bunch to help. This is going to make getting dressed and cleaning up a lot easier. It won’t take as much work as you think!  …
New Nursery Trends

New Nursery Trends

Nursery Rhyme Time!  Choosing an inspiring design for a nursery is no easy choice.  It is, after all, the place where your new baby will be spending most of it's early months or years, and so a chosen theme is important when setting…
Organizing Your Child's Room Like a Pro

Organizing Your Child’s Room Like a Pro

Your child does not have to live in a pig sty. Organization is a learned behavior and it's something you can easily teach your children!  You need to make it fun and easy for them at an early age.  They clean up in preschool, there's…
Organize Your Kids Bedrooms with Their Help

Easy Ways to Organize Your Kids Bedrooms with Their Help

Are clothes, books and toys taking over your kid’s bedroom? Do you find yourself constantly telling your kids to clean up their bedroom? It may seem cliché but children, chaos and clutter all seem to go together so if your kid’s room needs…