It’s time to tame the “messies”. Have FUN while you organize your child’s closet by rounding up the bunch to help. This is going to make getting dressed and cleaning up a lot easier. It won’t take as much work as you think!

5 Tips To Organize Your Kids Closet
  1.   Make it FUN to organize your child’s closet, by putting him or her in the spotlight. “What would you like to do with your closet?” helps your child realize it’s all about them. So the idea might not be workable right now; then save it for the future.
  2. To organize your child’s closet: take. everything. out. Stack it neatly on the bed or place similar things in hampers or bins, while you-the genius, and your team, are at work. Sweep and do the necessary cleaning. Think about painting the interior of the closet a brighter color, like white. Or yellow, pink, light blue….just stay with lighter colors, which reflect light from the bedroom. Install a battery- operated pull light to make the whole space “light up”.
  3. When you organize your child’s closet, lower the bars to your child’s height so the most-worn items can easily be reached. Shelves in middle of the closet or to one side (depending on how big the closet is) will give more space for shoes, sweaters, t-shirts, purses and belts. Or use clear bins, or labels. Plan on using the highest space on the shelf for seasonal items or things that aren’t used much. Arrange similar toys in bins on the floor.
  4. Now, to organize your child’s closet, put only those items back in that are loved, used often, fit, are in good repair and are special. Hang shirts or blouses with matching pants or skirts. Any items that haven’t been worn in a year, isn’t a “favorite”, or is stained or torn, should be placed in plastic bags for donating or discarding.
  5. Now for the fun: Celebrate a good job! Have cookies and milk on the patio. Planning what items needed replacement means an upcoming shopping trip! While you organize your child’s closet, it will be obvious that certain things do need replacing. The bunch is growing up! Donating his or her old toys and games will give that your child a sense of responsibility and that special glow that comes from sharing.

Ruby Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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