Florida Travel Guide From Tampa to Miami

Florida Travel: Tampa to Miami Via the Coast

They don't call Florida the Sunshine State for nothing! Florida travel has some fantastic attractions and not just the major theme parks that shall not be named, but a peninsula of miles and miles of beautiful coast to explore! If you're looking…
Camper Vans are Perfect for Festival Goers

Reasons Why a Camper Van is Perfect for Attending a festival

Traveling to a festival in your camper van and being able to camp there makes for an incredible experience. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as rolling up in your trendy camper to pitch up and chill out until the festival kicks off. Similarly,…
Almeria, Spain - In historic center a bridal store front.
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A Visit to Almeria, Spain – Old Town

Old Town Almeria, Spain There are so many beautiful places in Spain, which is why I am still sharing my photography of my travels there. One of my favorite discoveries was the historic center of Almeria, Spain.     As I walked…
Interior architecture showing columns at Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia – Gaudi’s Most Famous Work

La Sagrada Familia Another Gaudi Masterpiece! Tops on my list of to-dos while in Spain was to tour La Sagrada Familia. A Basilica located in Barcelona, designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. Its style is a combination of Gothic and…
Path that runs throughout McKee Botanical Garden.

The Roots of McKee Botanical Garden Run Deep

  "I am not much of a sightseer", I tell my husband who very much is. I assume that is the reason why I have never been to McKee Botanical Garden after living in Vero Beach, Florida for 39 years. Recently, a friend and gift shop…
Casa Batlló, another architectural masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi's

Casa Batlló – a Tour of Antoni Gaudi’s Architectural Masterpiece

You cannot visit Barcelona, Spain without touring Antoni Gaudi's, Casa Batlló, one of the several masterpieces by Gaudi. During my first day in Barcelona, I set out to find this renowned building and immediately took a wrong turn outside…
Colorful fruit at La Boqueria food market in Barcelona

The Many Colors of La Boqueria Food Market in Barcelona, Spain

I was recently invited to Spain by Cosentino Group, the world leader in quartz and natural stone surfaces. I had never been to Spain, so I was ecstatic about the opportunity to research quality products and experience the country all in one!…
Scrimping, Saving, and Wise Buying

Scrimping, Saving, and Wise Buying

the Industrial Revolution gave birth to the age of the consumer, and the introduction of coupons in the late 1890s change the idea of wise buying forever.