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Almeria, Spain - In historic center a bridal store front.

Old Town Almeria, Spain

There are so many beautiful places in Spain, which is why I am still sharing my photography of my travels there. One of my favorite discoveries was the historic center of Almeria, Spain.


Almeria, Spain - street view.


As I walked through the streets of this sleepy little town I was taken in by its beauty. Every narrow street I came upon felt deserved of my focus, which is why I had many pictures to select from for this post. To me, these streets were the character of this sweet old city.

Almeria, Spain - Historic Center street.

Almeria offered up colorful, old architecture that I had a great appreciation for. I loved the pink color of this building and the window design that complimented so well.

Almeria, Spain - In historic center a bridal store front.

The gelato represents the flavor of the town in more ways than one.

Almeria, Spain - gelato.

The Cathedral of Almeria

Almeria, Spain - Cathedral of Almeria.

The Cathedral of Almeria represents the old Moorish architecture you find here. Standing in the large courtyard looking up at the old magnificent buildings I feel so small, but happy to be there.

Almeria, Spain - Courtyard at the Cathedral of Almeria

I love bell towers and enjoyed the chiming of the bells I heard ringing through the courtyard.

Almeria, Spain - Architectural details at the Cathedral of Almeria.

I could look and study the old architecture for hours and store it in my mental library for ideas of future details I may apply one day in a project. As an Interior Designer it is how I get my inspirations in design and Spain is full of inspirations.

Almeria, Spain - Historic hotel next to the Cathedral of Almeria.


I enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Hotel Catedral Almeria and couldn’t resist snapping a picture of its beautiful architecture. I love the accents of black used in the architectural detail.

One day I hope to return to Spain and continue my exploration of this beautiful land.

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