Magnificent Doors of Spain

The details in a Spanish doorway in Barcelona.

Old Doors of Spain

There is so much to share about my trip to Spain, which is why I keep sharing my time there by writing several post about it. It is a beautiful country and I fell in love with its architecture, especially the old doorways.

A Spanish doorway in Barcelona.
The details in a Spanish doorway in Barcelona.

This doorway I found while walking through the old streets of Barcelona. It’s made up of handsome solid wood and details of ornate black wrought iron. I feel so small standing next to this magnificent doorway.

A door in Barcelona made up of wrought iron and wood.

The wrought iron inspires me in so many ways. I am a designer and I draw my inspirations from my external experiences. I am so glad for modern technology that allows me to capture these images through my camera. I can’t wait to reference my photo library of Spanish details, for my next project!

Spanish door in Spain
The front entry door of the Barcelona Cathedral

This is the front entrance of the Barcelona Cathedral, located in the middle of Barcelona. It is an incredible site as your walking through the narrow roads and come upon this Cathedral, it simply takes your breath away.

Spanish doorway of wood and iron
Large doorway in Almeria,Spain

This is the entryway to the Cathedral of Almeria, located in the old town Almeria. It is a cathedral-fortress of the seventeenth century, with gothic buildings and Renaissance facades. It was constructed for both worship and defense from the attacks of the Barbary pirates.

Obama Bar, located in Barcelona

I had to share this one as it brings back fun memories of my time in Barcelona. Stopping for a night cap one night with a friend, we tried to ask them what happens to the name of the bar after the election. Either they couldn’t understand our language or they didn’t want to answer.

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