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3 Kitchen Trends that are Popping Up Now

Kitchen Trends! What’s Popping Up Now?

After a year at home, many people are itching to renovate their homes or, at least, make some minor changes. The kitchen is at the heart of most UK homes, and it sets the tone for the rest of the space. Hot water taps, red statement walls…
Practical Improvements You Can Make to Your Home

Practical Improvements You Can Make to Your Home

If your needs a makeover, here's a guide to practical improvements to your home that’ll make it look better and fit your lifestyle.
Ways to Bring Inspiration to the Kid Spaces in Your Home - organized kids room with shelves and trundle bed.

Ways to Bring Inspiration to the Kid Spaces in Your Home

Here are smart ways of bringing inspiration to kid’s spaces in your home to make them an inspirational place for your children to grow up in.
Preparing Your House for Airbnb Guests

10 Useful Tips for Preparing Your House for Airbnb Guests

No matter how small your home is, you can easily list it on Airbnb for bookings. Here are 10 tips for preparing your house for Airbnb guests.
5 Tips to Elegantly Maximize Your Home Storage

Home Storage Tips: 5 Tips to Maximize Your Space

Your home should be a place that perfectly reflects your lifestyle. It should be somewhere that complements your tastes and supports your interests. It should not be somewhere that you have to compromise or let go of what you love. One of the…
Decluttering Your Home For Good

Decluttering Your Home For Good

Clutter in a house builds up very quickly. It sneaks up on you while you make excuses or just simply ignore the mess. Sometimes, it's genuinely difficult to keep a home clutter-free and clean. Life can prevent you from spending enough time…
Home Improvement Tips to Update Your Home
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Home Improvement – Ways to Revamp Your Home

If you want to revamp your home but you don’t want to break the bank, there are a number of home improvement things that you can do. Some of these tips will add value to your home, and others will simply improve the overall living quality.…
Home Improvements that Create Personal Comfort

Home Improvement Ideas for Your To-do List

Do you have a home improvement list as long as your arm? If yes, you’re not alone. We all seem to have endless lists of home updates that we’d love to get done, but it’s hard to know what to prioritize. Whether you’re a new homeowner,…
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Storage Ideas – As Seen on DIY

Patricia's design ideas were featured on the DIY Network website, in a post about stylish storage. Here are Patricia's storage ideas that caught DIY's eye: Family Room Storage Media and decor are kept nice and neat in this custom…