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Best Puma Collaborations of All Time

Best Puma Collaborations of All Time

Puma attracts the biggest names in pop culture, hip hop, art and fashion. Here are a few of the exciting collaborations with Puma over the past few years.
4 Styles of Shoes That are Classy and Comfortable

4 Styles of Shoes that are Classy and Comfortable

Comfortable and elegant styles of shoes will go a long way towards a "wow" appearance at a special event. It's also nice to have a few different styles because it allows you to mix things up every now and then, while still looking your shining…
4 Steps to Get Your Feet Ready for Summer

4 Steps to Prepare Your Feet for Summer

Are your feet ready for summer? This is, after all, the time of year when feet are often bare and exposed in many different designs of summer footwear. So, it's time to take the steps to groom our feet perfectly and pamper them with loving…
4 Top Design Features for a Great Pair of Boots

Great Pair of Boots; 4 Top Design Features

A great pair of boots is determined by many factors that include fit, comfort, style, and the purpose of use. With so many selections from which to choose it is wise to learn some basic facts about boots before you purchase. Whether you need…
Let’s Talk About Shoe Obsession

Shoe Obsession, Why are We so Obsessed?

Shoes are the ultimate fashion accessory that makes or breaks an outfit. Those tired old jeans that you wear casually can be suddenly uplifted by pairing the perfect high heeled pump that pops them into glam. Shoe displays in department stores…
Fall 2014 Shoe Trends

Fall 2014 Shoe Trends

Looking for some new shoes and wondering what’s hot this fall? Well, according to Christine Fellingham’s article for www.courier-journal.com, there are lots of new and exciting things going on in the shoe fashion world. Boots will…
5 Tips To Organize Your Kids Closet

5 Tips To Organize Your Kids Closet

It’s time to tame the “messies”. Have FUN while you organize your child’s closet by rounding up the bunch to help. This is going to make getting dressed and cleaning up a lot easier. It won’t take as much work as you think!  …