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5 Common Living Room Design Mistakes
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Living Room Design – 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid

Your home living room needs to be comfortable and look good. This is the room you entertain in or hang out in with family and friends. You want it to reflect your style while also meeting your comfort needs. Many enthusiastic homeowners run…
Furniture layout for large living room with two symmetrical seating groups for entertaining

How to Design a Furniture Layout For a Large Living Room

Designing a furniture layout for a large room can be every bit as difficult as a small space. There are many things you will need to consider to get it right. My intention for this post is to give you the tools that will help you figure out…
Everyday To Holiday Décor
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“Everyday To Holiday Décor” Without Breaking The Bank

Getting ready for the holidays does not mean you have to spend a pot of gold to make your home look festive. For example, the CH Living designers took this living room from everyday to holiday in just a few easy steps. Here are their budget-friendly…

Design A Contemporary Living Room

Do you want a change in your design? Here are inspirations for modern, minimalist, and forward thinking design.
Industrial Steel Shelving

Industrial Steel Shelving

For controlling inventory, no better way to organize exists than industrial steel shelving found at http://www.easyrack.org/industrial-steel-shelving-c-6.html. It helps efficiently manage materials and stock goods, making it easy to track inventory…