Lighting Mistakes You Might Just Be Making

Lighting Mistakes You Might Just Be Making

Lighting is one of those commonly-overlooked elements in your home that can really make a difference. You can buy the best furniture around and invest a small fortune in your home, but something might still feel off. If you fall into…
Create the Perfect Smart Home for You

Create the Perfect Smart Home for You

In today’s day and age, smart home technology and smart homes are the new big thing. Making our homes a little bit smarter and much more convenient, the market for smart home products is growing rapidly. From learning thermostats to interactive…
LED LIGHTING How to Get the Right Color

LED lighting – How to Get the Right Color Temperature

LED lighting has revolutionized the residential lighting industry. With all of the good qualities that LED lamps bring to the table, color is not one of them. We all know that an LED lamp is much more energy-efficient than an incandescent which…
Improvements in Home Lighting Design

Home Lighting Design: How Technology Created a New Atmosphere

Home lighting design has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades. Interior designers began the trend when new technologies started to arrive. Then, large corporations made it possible for us to access an affordable range of lighting…
Layered Lighting Works Best In Home Design
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Layered Lighting Works Best In Home Design

If you’ve ever redesigned a room, you’ll know how important it is to get the lighting right. But despite its importance, there’s relatively little advice out there on the subject. Much of the focus is on the colors, and the decor and…
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4 Tips: How To Use Lighting Design To Create The Perfect Mood

The right lighting can transform a boring house into a welcoming home. Before making any commitments, think about these four ways to use home lighting to its full potential. Add Dimmer Switches Designs by Patricia Davis Brown Designs,…
Designs by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

Creating Just The Right Mood Through lighting; Tips for Mood Lighting Your Room

Everyone has moved into a home with less than optimal lighting. Her are some great tips for creating just the right mood with lighting.
Interior Design that Respects the Environment
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Interior Design Products that are ALL About Respecting The Environment

At DigThisDesign, we're always on the lookout for eco-friendly products, projects, and stories, etc. I dig it when I find brands that care about their global impact. I'd like to share 4 companies from around the world who…
Brazilian Designer Leo Capote Transforms Object’s Function

Brazilian Designer Leo Capote Transforms Object’s Function

I met Leo Capote at the Maison & Objet Americas show where he was receiving recognition as one of the seven Rising Talents. While I was there, I also met up with Max Gunawan, designer of the Lumio light, and Alicia Kossick, a stylish woman…
Open Kitchen Remodel

Bringing The Family Together In An Open Kitchen Remodel

I think it may be the dream of Mom's everywhere to be able to cook a holiday meal while interacting with the rest of the family. Growing up in bungalow's and 1950's styles kitchens, houses used to be laid out in a very chopped up fashion. Those…
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Tips To Design Inside & Under Cabinet Lighting From Patricia Davis Brown

In this episode of Design Tips From a Pro, Interior designer and lighting expert, Patricia Davis Brown shows you the best way to use lighting for the interior and underside of a wall cabinet. Patricia goes over the placement and current LED…
Four Basic Decorating Rules to Follow

Four Basic Decorating Rules to Follow

When redecorating a room, there are basic design rules to keep in mind Here are four basic decorating rules to follow when redecorating a room.