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Selecting your outdoor furniture.

4 Suggestions for Selecting Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture gives you freedom to enjoy the beauty of your garden. So, here are some suggestions for selecting your outdoor furniture.
Adding Personality to Your Home Decorating

Home Decorating; How to Let Your Personality Shine Through

Is your home decorating in need of a personality? There’s no better way to lighten up your home interior than with designs that bring a smile to your face. While no one wants to live in a funhouse, a few humorous installations can go a long…
6 Home Décor Tips From a Pro

Home Décor – Tips from a Professional Helps You Get it Right!

Having beautiful home decor isn’t just about showing off to your friends. It’s about being happy with the space that you spend a lot of your time in. Your home decor could actually have more of an impact on your mood than you think. If…
Home Decorating Details with the Most Impact

Home Decorating Details with the Most Impact

Decorating can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re moving in with a loved one for the first time or even just sprucing up your home, you can get excited about finally making things the way you want them. But, home decor can also be a big task.…
Home Décor and You

Your Home Décor, What Does it Say About You?

The way we decorate our homes says a lot about who we are as people. It’s an automatic thing when styling our home décor - you don’t even realize the statements you are making. So, if you were ever wondering why you style your home in…
Home Decor for Your Personality
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Home Décor Shows Your Personality: What Type Of Homeowner Are You?

I believe your home should be an extension of your personality and why not? As a designer working with my clients, it's important for me to help them bring out their personality in their home Décor. Our home is where we live, raise our…