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Mixing Vintage & Contemporary Décor

Top Tips for Mixing Vintage and Contemporary Décor

If you want to mix vintage and contemporary décor, you've come to the right place. After all, if you know anything about interior décor, you know just how important proportion and balance are to your final outcome. Mixing vintage and…
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Coverings 2017 Show, Trends Report

I was invited by Tile of Spain, to participate in Coverings 2017 VIP Press Tour, to see the latest in designer tiles. The Coverings show is always one of my favorite shows to attend because I get to see what's new and what's happening in the…
Top Home Design Trends For 2016

A Look at The Top Home Design Trends For 2016

If you’ve been thinking about building a new home, now just might be the perfect time to finally start the process. Home builders are gaining confidence in the housing market, and home buyers are capitalizing on customization trends that…
Make Any Age Home Look Hip

Make Any Age Home Look Hip With Contemporary Considerations

If you were to browse through an architecture magazine or home design book that was published thirty years ago, there would be plenty of contemporary visuals. If you were to surf the web at this very moment for tending architectural and home…
Remarkable Outdoor Screens and Fences

Remarkable Outdoor Screens and Fences

Outdoor living has risen to new levels with kitchens and living spaces, in addition to recreation. Keeping friends and family protected from being publicly displayed to neighbors and traffic, can be a tricky prospect. However, with screens…

Contemporary Design with Patricia Davis Brown

An interview with Patricia Davis Brown as she shares her thoughts on her design inspiration,and how she looks for her personal touches with art.