5 Advantages of Renting Formwork Compared to Buying

5 Advantages of Renting Formwork Compared to Buying

Concrete forms are often expensive and time-consuming to create. Keep reading to learn why renting formwork may be the best option.
Are Portable Toilets Here to Stay

Serving the Needs of Construction Workers • Are Portable Toilets Here to Stay?

One of the uses of portable toilets is in the construction industry. So, in this article, we explore how they revolutionize and modernize this industry.
Why Construction Banners are the Must-Have Item of 2020

Why Construction Banners are the Must-Have Item of 2020

Not only are they visually appealing, but, also budget-friendly, allowing businesses to grow. Read to learn why construction banners are so important.
Introduction to the Kubota KC70SL-4 Tracked Dumper

Reasons Why You Want a Tracked Dumper at Your Construction Sites

The use of large equipment at every construction site is essential, especially the Kubota tracked dumper. One very good reason is that it's usually required by governmental building departments. The second reason is that improves the management…
Screw Piling for your Building Project

Use Screw Piling for your Building Project • 5 Reasons Why

Sometimes called helical piling, screw piling offers the project manager a cost-effective way of securing the foundations of a structure. While this technology is not new, technological advances make screw piling an attractive alternative to…

5 Things You Can Do With Excess Construction Materials

Construction materials left over from a new home build or renovation are commonly known in the industry as "overage". Although you might find it tempting to just settle in and enjoy your new space, first you have to find a place for all the…
Prevent Damage During Construction

3 Products to Prevent Damage During Construction

Construction zones can be dangerous and, when associated with a home renovation or project, can result in damage if you're not properly prepared. Construction projects come with risks, and many things can go wrong. Because of this, your…
The Importance of Post-Construction Cleaning

Why is Post Construction Cleaning So Important?

Being an interior designer in the construction field for 31 years I know the importance of keeping a job site clean for obvious reasons. What many people fail to think about is post-construction cleaning and if not done properly can create…
Security Personnel

Security Personnel or Security Devices?

Security devices can be nice, but there are a few reasons why live security personnel might actually give you a better result for home security.