Construction materials left over from a new home build or renovation are commonly known in the industry as “overage”. Although you might find it tempting to just settle in and enjoy your new space, first you have to find a place for all the leftover materials. Like most homeowners, you’re probably not sure what to do with piles of loose tiles, spare bricks or acrylic sheets and wood. While your first instinct may be to throw it out, don’t be too hasty. Here are 5 ways to distribute your excess materials.

What To Do with Excess Construction Materials

construction materials

Why Does This Happen?

A construction company typically calculates construction materials required for your building down to the paint can. But a certain amount of excess is often included, due to possible changes in design mid-construction, unavoidable excessive bulk purchases, or simply to be on the safe side.

So it’s actually not uncommon for building or renovation projects to end up with at least a little excess construction materials, whether it’s a bunch of bricks or a spare can of paint. While your contractor might take care of the disposal themselves, that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s up to you to do it.

Take Inventory of Your Construction Materials

First, establish exactly what you have with all of your construction materials.

It’s helpful to keep an inventory list of all excess construction materials since they each have their own unique properties that will determine whether you keep or scrap them. Take the time to organize the construction materials – at least on paper so that you know where everything is.

Share With Those Who Care

Check your area for other projects that might benefit from the use of these construction materials. There are some charities such as Habitat for Humanity that might be able to use your spare construction materials. Or, a local community building may need it for its own maintenance and renovations. Also, remember to check with your favorite church donation center.

Enjoy Some Quick Cash

Why not make a quick buck out of excess construction materials? A good place to go to is the DIY community, which often needs small amounts of what are normally very expensive materials such as bricks. Put up an ad on your neighborhood bulletin boards or consider the use of an online site like Freecycle. Plus, you get a nice payoff in the process!

Supplies for Home Maintenance

Sometimes the construction materials leftover are just enough for you to use for maintenance of your home. This is especially true with building materials such as paint. If you keep some of the overages, be sure to store them properly for future use. For example, paint needs to be sealed and stirred once every three to six months to ensure that it doesn’t solidify.

Consider a Giveaway

Even if you’ve followed these steps and still have excess construction materials, a trip to the landfill should still be your last option. Continue to donate and sell, but also consider simply giving it away. Some places such as scrap yards or salvage centers take materials like aluminum and steel – some will pay you by the weight. Other places like recycling centers take shipments of tiles and wood to recycle into something new.

Do you have any other tips on how to rid your home of excess construction materials? Feel free to share them down in the comments below.

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