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Baileys Irish cream chocolate martini with mint leaves.

St. Patty’s Day Cocktails For All Palates

St. Patty's Day Cocktails to Fit Anyone's Fancy! Those of you that know me know I am always up for a party and Saint Patrick's Day is just one of those holidays that can be celebrated by ALL! It's important to me to make sure everyone has…

Clean Drink Happy Hour from Patricia Davis Brown and Friends: Ginger Blossom and Seared Tuna & Tropical Fruit Salsa

We are so excited to post another episode of Clean Drink Happy Hour.  In the show, we will introduce you to fun and exciting recipes using only fresh ingredients and clean living products. This episode contains: A…
Dragon fruit strawberry blackberry raspberry rum cocktail pura vida in brown raw sugar rimmed glass and mint leaf garnish

Introducing: Clean Drink Happy Hour from Patricia Davis Brown and Friends Making the Pura Vida Cocktail

We are so excited to announce Clean Drink Happy Hour. We've  spent months creating recipes and filming these episodes to share our extreme passion for clean living. In the show, we will introduce you to fun and exciting…
Haunting Halloween Cocktails

Haunting Halloween Cocktails

Boo!  Halloween is just around the corner, and fabulous parties and celebrations are knocking on our doors!  (Along with Trick or Treaters)  So here are some exciting and fun cocktails to entertain or scare your guests! Candy Corn…
End of Summer Martini’s

End of Summer Martini’s

Summer is just almost over with one last weekend to pack in the fun. Here are two festive martini recipes to celebrate this holiday weekend.
Seasonal Drink Recipes(

Seasonal Drink Recipes

It's summer, summer, summer time, and while temperatures outside seem to be heating up a refreshing summer drink can help you cool off and wind down.