How to Clean Your Fireplace Glass Door

How to Clean Your Fireplace Glass Door and Get Rid of Sticky Soot

For a functional fireplace, frequent cleaning and maintenance must be done. Here are some handy tips for how to clean your fireplace glass.

Benefits of Using Steam Cleaners To Sanitize Your Home

There has never been a greater reason to spring clean our homes than a viral outbreak all over the world. The micron-sized coronavirus had paralyzed the entire nation and already infected millions of people. Enter the prospect of steam cleaners…
6 Tips for Deep Cleaning Your New Home

6 Tips for Deep Cleaning Your New Home

Moving into a new home means an exciting new chapter in your life. However, before you unpack is the perfect time for deep cleaning your new home. After all, you never know what might be lurking hidden under the refrigerator or under the carpeting.…
Tips for Creating a Dust Free Home

Dust Free Home – How to Get Rid of Dust

Are allergies making you and your family continuously uncomfortable? Here are some of the ways you can work towards a dust free home.
Spring Cleaning in the Winter

Spring Cleaning: Why Winter is the Perfect Opportunity

Many of us will think of spring as a great time to declutter our homes and give it that real deep clean. While I have to agree that Spring cleaning is a must, I also want to explain why spring isn’t the only perfect opportunity for this kind…
Products and tools for cleaning white leather furniture

Patricia’s Tips on Cleaning White Italian Leather Stools

Contemporary style is trending right now and  everyone is going for the minimalist look. White leather has become a favorite material and one of my favorites even in my own home. The problem with white leather is it gets dingy quick. My…
Choose a Green Clean for Your Home

Choose a Green Clean for Your Home

Many products claim to be a green clean, but they're harmful chemicals with good marketing. So, naturally, we're thrilled to came across Green Choice.