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As we become more aware of the negative effects that various home cleaning supplies have on our environment and health, we strive to stick to more natural cleaning methods.  But, this is not always easy.  Many products claim to be natural, when in fact, they are the same harmful chemicals masked by good marketing techniques.

We were thrilled when we came across Green Choice, a Green Choice rug cleaning New York company.  Green Choice uses all organic, green cleaning products in your home, so you no longer need to be concerned with the health and safety of your family, pets and environment.

Green Choice assures us,

Our coconut, palm kernel, and vegetable derived cleaners are a natural alternative to the toxic and carcinogenic ingredients found in most carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaning products. In fact, all of our products are composed of the safest cosmetic and/or food-grade ingredients available on the market today.

They even provide a list of the ingredients contained in their cleaning solutions right on their website!

The true test?…  How CLEAN will your carpets come?  Well, Green Choice isn’t afraid of any tough spots that might be found in the high traffic areas of your carpeting or area rugs.  Their well-trained technicians know the best methods available to find, treat and remove tough carpet stains, all organically!

What steps have you taken to “green your home”, making it a more eco-friendly environment?

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