Contemporary style is trending right now and  everyone is going for the minimalist look. White leather has become a favorite material and one of my favorites even in my own home. The problem with white leather is it gets dingy quick. My white bar stools around my island get used a lot and when people with blue denim jeans sit there, the dye in the jeans has a tenancy to turn my white leather chairs bluish-gray. Well, I missed the look of my bright white bar stools and set out on a mission to find a way to bring them back to their original luster.

Products and tools for cleaning white leather furniture

I first tried a leather cleaner/conditioner, as it was labeled, and that did nothing to clean my chairs. I googled it and still did not find a solution to my problem. My husband Lee went out in our garage and came back with, Auto Magic, a vinyl/leather cleaner for car upholstery. Look at how he brushed and wiped my stools clean easily with this product.