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The 13 Essential Signs that Your Bathroom Needs a Remodel

13 Signs Your Bathroom Needs A Remodel

Over time, due to wear and tear, your bathroom might no longer appeal to future home buyers. Perhaps your bathroom needs a remodel!
Redesigning Your Bathrooms

Redesigning Your Bathrooms with Innovative Design Ideas

A small but significant change makes you happy and cheerful. Today we bring you some ideas and inspiration for redesigning your bathrooms!
8 Features of a Modern Bathroom

8 Must-Have Features of a Modern Bathroom

In any home renovation whether for simple improvement or for adding value, the last thing considered are upgrades to your modern bathroom. Most homeowners would rather spend most of their budget on key areas like the kitchen and living room.…
7 Reasons Why Wet Rooms are the Hottest Bathroom Trend

7 Reasons Why Wet Rooms are the Hottest Bathroom Trend this Year

Wet rooms are fast becoming popular, especially in sophisticated or high-end bathrooms. Essentially, a wet room is essentially a bathroom that has either an open shower or one behind a wall with a shower floor that is flush with the rest…
Pro Tips for a Simplistic Bath Design

Simplistic Bath Design; Tips from a Pro

Minimalist bathrooms are trending. If you are thinking about this type of bath design then all you have to do is KISS. Well, kiss simply stands for Keep It Simple Stupid, something I remind myself all the time when I am trying too hard…