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How to Create Ceiling Height in Your Basement

Creating Ceiling Height in Your Basement

If you want extra space in your home, consider updating your basement. The basement usually features low ceilings, little lighting, and non-finished floors. Most of the older homes have electrical, plumbing, and other systems running along the…

Tips For Unique Wall Design Ideas

Walls are the frame of each room and it's important to include them in your design ideas. Here are some unique wall design ideas for you.
How to Spot a Leaking Basement in Your Home

10 Signs that You Have a Leaking Basement in Your Home

Basements can be a great space in any home. That is, until complications arise, like a leaking basement! Here are 10 ways to spot those leaks.
Turn Your Drab Basement into a Colorful Playroom

Turn Your Drab Basement into a Colorful Playroom

If your basement is grey and dreary, why not consider switching it up to a colorful playroom? Basements are a great addition to a house, but when they aren’t finished, it can be hard to figure out a way to utilize them as a living space.…
Transform Your Basement for the Holidays

How to Transform Your Basement Into a Holiday Haven

Decorating for the holidays is one of the most joyous activities of the holidays. So, why not design a dedicated room in your home for the occasion? Also, when you're ready to start hanging your favorite decorations, how about designing your…
5 Basement Renovation Design Ideas

5 Basement Renovation Design Ideas

Ever since homeowners realized how beneficial basement renovations could be space-wise and even financial-wise, there have been myriads of basement renovation trends and ideas on the internet. To make it easy for you as you embark on the basement…

Basement Remodeling Ideas

With the weather getting cooler, more of you are heading indoors to hibernate - and that means you need space for the entire family to spread out. If you're lucky enough to have a lower level to finish - it's time to start framing your basement…