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The number one request I seem to be getting from my brides to be is, “I want to look like myself but incorporate some of the color trends of the summer!” I say, it’s easily done, follow my lead girls.

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First things first, exfoliate & moisturize the skin. Make up always looks better on skin that is properly hydrated. Brows should be groomed a few days before the big day. Remember they are the frame to the face, no over-tweezing! My philosophy on color application is to pick a feature you want to play up. Emphasize that area, all other areas should be softer. This season we are seeing some vibrant lip colors, like Fushcia and Bright Coral. If you love that look, use a “watercolor” version of that. Same with the cheeks.

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Bronzer is big too. That’s a must for creating that healthy glow. If you tend to be oily, stay away from the shimmer versions, only matte bronzer. Everyone loves a smoky eye, my advice, just keep in mind the time of day the event is set for. It will look out of place for a daytime wedding, sunlight can be a bit harsh.

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Don’t forget lashes! You can choose a lash growth enhancer (start at least 3 mos. before event) or individual lash application. Individual lash extension applications are great, if done with a more natural touch. Otherwise, just have your artist apply the small cluster lashes (temporary), but they look so natural. Above all, the best beauty accessory is your smile!

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Written by: Felicia Alva, Make Up Artist


About the Author

Felicia Alva is a licensed Esthetician/ Make Up Artist with over 20 yrs. of experience. She has worked on commercial print/TV and runway, as well as maintaining a private clientele. She has also been involved in the education & training world for major cosmetic companies. You can find her at The Butterfly Loft (Salon & Spa) in Encino, Ca. She is maintaining the brows of her clients, as well as custom blending foundation colors using her own line, Flutter Beauty.

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