4 Unique & Fun Wedding Shower Ideas

4 Fun Wedding Shower Ideas


Invite close friends and family to a day of pampering. It can be at a fancy-shmancy local spa, or create your own haven of luxury. Bring in a chair masseuse, a nail tech, and a hair stylist and treat everyone to the personal care. Serve green cocktails and healthy foods.

4 Fun Wedding Shower Ideas


Help the bride create her wedding memory book, by bringing photos of the couple, tickets and memories. Have on hand paper supplies to make beautiful scrapbook pages and put them together in a beautiful binding. Or help with the reception décor by creating paper flowers, bouquets, and streamers for the celebration after the couple says their vows.


Dads and guy-folk will love being included in a “co-ed” shower with a scrumptious breakfast of different flavors of pancakes, warmed syrups, fruits, nuts and toppings. Everyone loves coffee, so include a few liquors, like brandy, to lighten up the mood.


Everyone will enjoy a light-hearted, fun theme like this. Wear skirts and head scarves to serve brisket and beans, or chili and cornbread. Dance and yell “yee-haw.” Pick a location like a steak house, or fix up your own backyard with ropes, buckets for drinks and checkered tables to play cards on.

Written by: Ruby Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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