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Style for Our Furry Friends

Our furry friends are part of the family.  We cater to their every need, providing toys, climbers, beds, bowls, scratching posts, bones, and much, much more.  So, here are a few ideas to make their accessories part of your decor.  Check out this fun and interesting design inspiration that will pamper your four legged friend while adding flare to your home.


Chartreuse is a bright & cheery color. This brightly colored custom dog bed will add fun and fashion to your home. If chartreuse is not your color there are more than 200 other fabrics to choose from at LillyandAbbie.com.

This is another interesting fabric choice we found on Pinterest, available at fab.com

The Cat Ball is a spheroid, dimensional cat bed that also works as a play fort for cats. They love to hang out and peek at you from the two openings, and will poke their feet out and attack dangling toys.

These are some lively new fabrics. These fabrics were selected to show your cat off while also looking great in the modern home.

 You can find the cat ball online at Jenna’s Red Rhino.

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