Smiles4Tiles Program

Smiles4Tiles Program

Our very own Patricia Davis Brown is working with this great company. We want to highlight how they are giving back. Check out this very cool Smiles4Tiles program.

The is a company which sells tiles online, all from the comfort of your home! The company designs, manufactures, stocks, packages, and ships all of their unique mosaics themselves and their reputation is one of the best.

The runs the Smiles4Tiles program in which the company donates tiles to less fortunate neighbors. Essentially, the program helps neighbors rebuild a special room in their home with the help of a trade professional volunteer. This program is a great way for individuals to get involved and give back to the community!

Smiles4Tiles Program

Giving Back to the Community

The program is geared towards the company’s neighbors and community. The site gains a perspective into their neighbor’s homes through relationships with their customers. The Smiles4Tiles program can tell very powerful stories and can help to transform a home.

The Smiles4Tiles program helps the company serve the community and align their business with a much higher purpose. The program lets the company collaborate with others and lets them spend money on a worthwhile project, while giving back to the community. The project partners with certified architects, designers and contractors who are equally committed to reshaping communities through beautifying living spaces.

The program is also accepting recommendations for projects as well! Just send an email to with the following information:

  • Contact information
  • The story of the “Why” for this project
  • Description of the room that needs to be redone
  • How and who this improvement impacts
  • Pictures and/or videos

Written by: Sharan Kaur, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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